NY Times Editorial Calls for Law forcing Health Care workers to proform abortions: Is this Constitutional?

NY Times Editorial Calls for Law forcing Health Care workers to proform abortions: Is this Constitutional?

NY Times Editorial Calls for Law forcing Health Care workers to proform abortions: Is this Constitutional?


It is unconstitutional. But Obama did say that he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act which would eradicate every single law ever made by local, state, or federal government that regulated or restricted abortion in anyway. This would also get rid of legal protection for those who refused to perform abortions. If Obama signs this bill, we are already on a fast track to having every doctor in this country turned into a baby killer or face civil charges. I don't care if I have had three c-sections already. If this happens, I will never have a baby in a hospital again. This is completely illegal, but that hasn't stopped the government from doing tons of illegal and unconstitutional things already, like the bailout. I hope you all know that the Hippocratic oath that doctors at least used to take and honor states that a doctor vows never to perform an abortion or give medication that would cause one. to the guy just below me. The Freedom of Choice Act would remove EVERY restriction and regulation on abortion, including the law that says a licensed physician only can perform one. Meaning literally anyone could legally perform one.


First of all, ALL health care workers would not perform abortions because nurses, CNA's, pharmacy technicians, etc. are not qualified to do abortions. Only a doctor with the required credentials can do an abortion and nobody would propose changing this. Can a Jehovah's Witness refuse to perform a blood transfusion as a surgeon and not get fired? No, of course not. They chose to enter a job where that is part of their job description. Without a source link, it's hard to respond to this article specifically, but I don't see anything wrong with it, or for that matter I don't even understand how they are proposing to change anything.


I do not think health care workers should necessarily be forced to perform procedures they find personally unethical but they should also have that upfront and publicized which procedures they refuse to perform with the paperwork the patient has to sign.


abortion - what a mess! if you have not studied medical heroics you cannot even begin to discuss the subject. but surely the lame and the stupid will fill Y!A with words that they haven't taken the time to even consider. abortion is not covered anywhere in the constitution. the subject simply did not get covered. perhaps Jefferson didn't think we'd need such basic moral guidance from a federal institution. i think Obama has been convinced by the media and his plethora of followers that he is destined to be a great president. as such, he is smart enough to know that following the policies he has espoused in the past will not get him there. i assume he will move to be moderate and become forgettable. unfortunately he doesn't believe anything enough to be willing to lose political points, or to be unpopular. he would be able to take a lesson from Abe Lincoln...being unpopular in an unethical community is not always bad. **EDIT** i warned that unstudied and unrestrained idiots would be in here typing like an infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of type writers. now we've got people willing to allow infantacide ("as long as it's legal" the twit says!) and to allow the gov to FORCE medical workers to perform things they don't agree with. this subject requires more than parroting words you heard on TV or from Social Studies. this requires an understanding of the costitution, the founding fathers, judicial process, and most importantly medical practices, heroics in the field of medicine and the boundries of our ability for invetro "adoptions". this is to big for people educated just to mock God in an attempt to curry favor with a political ideal.


I'm not an expert on Constitutional Law. But I am familiar with separation of church and state. So let's assume that, requiring health care workers to perform abortions is in line with the constitution. Then they better perform them. I am pro-abortion, and the whole god thing means nothing to me. So let's address the god thing first: Too bad. Should we allow refusal to perform abortions based on personal beliefs, then that is no different than saying it is okay to murder in the name of allah. In my opinion there is no difference. Regarding abortion, I don't feel that a woman should be forced to sire a child. That is her choice, provided it coincides with the law. What type of mother would this woman be, and what type of person would this unwanted child grow up to be? An axe murderer? Another Osama Bin Laden? Another Hitler or Stalin? A Himmler? That's her body and her life- she can make the choice, as long as it is legal. Should what is proposed coincide with Constitutional Law, then the issue is cut and dry to me.


If you don't want to perform a legal medical procedure due to your religious beliefs, then you need to find a new profession. Religious freedom is one thing, but exercising your religious freedom in a way that threatens the physical well-being of your fellow citizens is criminal and wrong. The laws of this country come first, and if your religious beliefs conflict with the laws, then you had better extricate yourself from the situation, because you will not win.


The health care workers should strike until this law was repealed. What a mess that would be.


Maybe you need somebody you give a crap about to die because some doctor couldn't bring himself to perform a necessary procedure that conflicted with his religious beliefs. Or is there anybody you give a crap about, outside yourself?


If I were forced to perform abortions, I'd quit, or be insubordinate. They can throw me in jail for not murdering - I know a lot of people would be on my side.



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