Nine-Year-Old's (rape victim) Abortion Outrages Brazil's Catholic Church how can the church be so heartless?

"Nine-Year-Old's (rape victim) Abortion Outrages Brazil's Catholic Church" how can the church be so heartless?

"Nine-Year-Old's (rape victim) Abortion Outrages Brazil's Catholic Church" how can the church be so heartless?


Both these stories are very old. But to go over it again...all life is precious. We cannot say one human life is more valuable than another. Tragic as the rape of a 9 year old is, so is the killing of the unborn children she was pregnant with. The sin of rape, and child sexual abuse, cannot be undone by killing the unborn children. The Church sees all three people as equal in human value, and souls that belong to God. The Church cannot declare the 9 year old to be a more valuable person, and her unborn twins to be lesser persons. This is just not the case. The Church does see the tragedy, and the man who raped this child, had been doing so for 3 years. She also had a disabled older sister that he was raping as well. His acts are monstrous, horrific and unbelievealbe to most every decent human being in the world. However, his acts are what caused two human beings to be conceived. The Church has consistently taught for 2000 years that human life begins at conception and the soul is infused at that time. Those two babies were made in the image and likeness of God. As horrible as the circumstances of their conception was, that is no reason to kill them. A little girl has been traumatized, she'll need years of therapy to deal with her the horror of her childhood. However, killing the babies does not fix that. She's still traumatized, she is still a victim of rape and sexual abuse. There is no perfect answer to this, there is nothing that can be done to undo the damage. But the Church must respect all life. We can't get into the subjective valuation of life by basing it on the circumstances of conception, ever! <> Yes. Because they participated in the killing of two innocent, defenseless human beings. My opinion on the distraught mother, is that she was covering her own negligence. Her husband is abusing her two girls for 3 years and she had no idea until her 9 year old got pregnant? Really? I personally find that hard to believe. It only came out becasue the girl became pregnant and was so young, and because abortion is illegal where they live. Had they lived here in America, Planned Parenthood would have done the abortion and the step-father would have gotten away with it and most likely continued with the abuse. Do you really think that is a better plan? The other case where a nun, in a Catholic hospital, agreed to allow an abortion, is also quite justifiable. She is a Catholic nun, someone who supposedly understands and adheres to the Catholic faith. Approving an abortion goes against her professed faith <> If they were Catholic yes. But all the doctors and nurses at a Catholic hospital are not Catholic.


There's a long line of people who wants to adopt babies. The catholic church in Brazil should offer services having this children be adopted in america.


1) how can the church be so heartless? You mean, "How can the church be so heartless that they are opposed to the killing of an infant." Is this a trick question? 2) are priests who sexually abused children excommunicated? I don't think so. The Roman Catholic Church considers killing a human being to be a much more serious crime than molesting a child. Most of the World's legal systems have the very same opinion. 3) why is the church's behavior tolerated by so many people? For the very same reasons that your behavior is tolerated by so many people. The bottom line: the Catholic Church has intentionally taken a "no compromise" hardline stance against abortion - which they consider the murder of one's own child, and **because** they consider it the murder of one's own child. They consider such an act a **mortal sin** that deprives the people involved of salvation. Personally: I agree with their stance on this issue. When is it OK to intentionally kill an infant? It seems to me that the correct answer is "never". - Jim,


this is why I hate organized religion so much. They make oppression seem like a blessing, try to control women's sexuality yet if the rapist prays for forgiveness, I doubt he'll be excommunicated from the church.


The age of consent in the Vatican is 9 years old. They think that applies to everybody.


Makes you wonder about who is really making the rules doesn't it? Man or God. I kind of believe it's man who is so bent out of shape! Don't get me wrong, i am not for abortion, but i do realize and accept that there are times when it is necessary!


The Church affirms that murder of the most helpless and innocent of humanity cannot be tolerated and must be condemned for the evil it is. It is not heartless to be advocates for unborn children. Those that participate in murders excommunicate themselves by their actions. Yes, unrepentant priests that have molested children also excommunicate themselves by their actions. Unfortunately most of the accused molesters are accused posthumously as the molestations are reported decades after the alleged occurrence. As you can see the Church has a zero tolerance for murder. God bless! In Christ Fr. Joseph


this is a very old story, and I have posted this before in regards to abortion arguments. Regardless of how old this story is, it is really sad that the church would chose the life if an unborn thing instead of a poor defenceless girl who was raped by someone she should have been able to trust. sickening.


The clue is in the word "Church."



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