New abortion restrictions in Texas?

New abortion restrictions in Texas?

New abortion restrictions in Texas?


They want all women thinking of abortion to get sonograms first. Then if her dad is the father, she can see how deformed the foetus is, which will make it easier for her to abort it.



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Free abortion clinics for rape victims in Arkansas, US?
In Arkansas there are Planned Parenthood clinics in Fayetteville and Little Rock. They offer free or discounted abortion services based upon your income.

Catholic Bishop Stands His Ground on Obamacare Rule: ‘We Cannot--We Will Not Comply With This Unjust Law will?
Did you know that all Amish business owners are completely exempt from the entire Law because of religious reasons? But Catholic sponsored organizations (not even all Catholic business owners) cannot even be exempt form one tiny provision from the law. Health care is the diagnosis, treatment...

Do you see the abortion analogy here, Politics?
I would support none of those things. But I see no analogy here on abortion. This is so muddled I am not sure what side of the debate you are on. Be that as it may, the state may not compel you to do anything you do not want to do with your body that is as invasive as organ donation or blood...

Bf get arrested? For rape? Could he?
Yes, he can be charged with statutory rape. You can not legally give him consent because you are too young. Florida has a "close in age" exception, but only applies when on is 16 or 17 and the other under 24.