New abortion law's in Oklahoma, what do you think?

New abortion law's in Oklahoma, what do you think?

New abortion law's in Oklahoma, what do you think?


I think that is stupid. Women have a right to their body and whatever they want to do with it. I'm pro-life myself and I believe that there are a few circumstances where someone should get an abortion (if a women is raped etc) but I believe this is a violation of patient confidentiality. I know that in the town I live in if I had to answer those questions someone could point me out. I believe that is a ridiculous thing. Nothing like that should be posted on a public web-site. I can't even begin to explain how angry that would make me if I lived in Oklahoma.


It's pretty messed up, but I'm very confident that it will not be put into law. It is a complete violation of patient confidentiality as it will be very easy to identify who the patient is. And what is the purpose of it? Why does the public need to know things like the mother's years of education? It's completely obvious that it serves no useful purpose and would be used PRIMARILY to violate patient confidentiality. Lawyers are going to jump all over this and get this thing repealed before it ever begins. On a side note though, I am fully in favor of collecting NON-IDENTIFYING patient information, for use in the medical field to study the demographics of people getting abortions. And it certainly should not be posted on a public website.


I'm prolife, but even I can't see what the aim is here. What possible good will this information do anyone? I admittedly don't like the idea of a woman having an abortion, but the not-too-out-there possibility that a man might check the website and identify his SO from the details springs immediately to mind. How long will it be before we hear about an OK woman being murdered by an outraged boyfriend or husband who concluded the woman having the abortion was her?


Posting a patient's personal medical information ONLINE and using taxpayer money to do it sounds like the most asinine thing I've ever heard. An obvious attempt by lawmakers to scare women out of having abortions.


Wow. I'm with you. That's appalling. It's pretty obvious they're trying to scare women out of having abortions. I think this will just push women to leave the state. I'm so sick of people taking petty measures to end abortion. the fact of the matter is, it won't end until people start promoting prevention (I know not all cases are "mistakes" but most are), something they don't want to do because they're so damned puritanical. Ugh, I just got pissed.


Sounds like ya'll is abouts to leap right on into the 90's thare...


Soooooo, you think that questionnaires that ask your race and gender are racist/sexist even though they exist to track racism/sexism? That information is already tracked, with some information coming from hospitals. The idea is to establish statistics on abortion. Are women who choose abortion disproportionately a certain race, uneducated, etc.? The information collected does not contain anything that can be used to identify the woman.


Atrocious. :o\



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