Need help to decide abortion or keeping the baby?

Need help to decide abortion or keeping the baby?

Need help to decide abortion or keeping the baby?


I'm 18 and pregnant and had to also go through this decision... you have to think at the end of the day if you will be able to support a baby. I thought my parents would kick off, but after the initial shock they are over the moon! If you think that you will be able to bring a child up and give it the best life you possibly can, then it would make sense to keep it. On the other hand abortions do not affect your chance of conception in the future and as you're only 16 you do have the rest of your life to have children. Either way you will be dealing with the aftermath of your decision for the rest of your life, and you are the only person who can make the decision. You can't let the baby's father or your parents decide for you, it is your body and your life. good luck! xx


You should really tell your mother about it. It's something very important in your life and I would hope you love her enough to tell her just as I hope she loves you enough to understand. She might be really upset. She might just let the shock hit her and then be excited. Who knows? The point is, she's your mother. And out of anyone's help, you should seek hers. As for what to do about the baby...all I can tell you is to please consider it with all your heart. Both choices are very difficult and they will effect you for the rest of your life. Personally, I would give him/her up for adoption. I know so many people who want newborns that you wouldn't have to worry about finding a loving family for him/her. And you could give someone else a blessing they otherwise would never have. Everyone deserves a chance at life. If you do decide to have an abortion, make sure you're up it. And have someone there you trust and love to catch you if you emotionally break down or anything. Through all of this, you need the love of those you love


<> That's easy - don't get an abortion. <> No, they won't. At 16, legally they are still responsible for you, and your little one. They HAVE TO take you in. If they did kick you out, go to the police and they'll force your family to take you back. <> You cannot get an abortion because that would be murdering the unborn human being in your womb.


Abortion is never the answer. Trust me, you will feel worse about that than you would getting kicked out of a heartless family. There are plenty of options and places to go. Call 1-321-454-9853. They will help you with all of this !


in my optnio abortion is murder. i was 15 had no place to live no job no money and i had my daughter and kept her everything worked out after i had her but i couldnt give her up and definetly couldnt murder her since it was my fault for haveing sex i felt i needed to grow up and take care of my baby and thats what i did. i would go with adoption just look into it immediately and then go tell ur mom and let her know u are giveing the baby up for adoption. and if u wanna keep it then start looking into emancipation and getting ur own place. iam guessing ur still very early in pregnancy since u can only abort up untill ur 12 weeks pregnant. KEEP IT OR GIVE IT UP FOR ADOPTION.


You should probably at least tell your mom and talk to her about it first. I had a baby at 17, everyone was mad at me for a while but they got over it. I'm now 19 graduated valedictorian and off to college in the fall, its NOT impossible. But either way i believe you're allowed one "abortion" young and dumb learn from your mistakes, use birth control properly so it doesn't happen again.


I know your in a hard time, but..... DONT GET A ABORTION! That baby didn't ask to be there so don't kill it! If any thing give it up for adoption, your mom won't kick you out shell just be upset


i was also in this situation not long ago, i wont say what i did. But if you are ure your mum & dad wont understand then if you can do the abortion. Its your life no one elses, if you decide to keep it then thats all so up to you. Dont let any tell you what to do, it your body:)


If you don't think you can provide your baby with the life you want to give him/her theres nothing wrong with an abortion.. Just make sure thats the choice you really want to do so you won't regret it forever. Good luck.



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