My wife is 1 week pregnant?

My wife is 1 week pregnant?

My wife is 1 week pregnant?


She isn't pregnant If for some reason they did a pregnancy test its still show hormones from the birth of your daughter Actually just to add if they did do a pregnancy test then you have a crap doctor and need a new one


shes not pregnant. hormones stays in the body for a few weeks after birth.... so those were the hormones which were picked up on the pregnancy test. not new hormones from a new pregnancy but from the old pregnancy. shes most likely just got a bug


There is no such thing as being 1 week pregnant, and no doctor would ever state that a woman was 1 week pregnant. Women are supposed to wait for 6 weeks before even having sex, let alone getting pregnant.


hi, dont worry i dont think ur wife is u r blessed with a sweet baby couples of days back.plz c for dat may b som of the harmones of ur baby who came to this world som days back.


don't worry,maybe she is ill,or she is pregnant.



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