Minor abortion in ca!?

Minor abortion in ca!?

Minor abortion in ca!?


Since u are so young i dnt think they will let u get an abortion without your parents consent..bc there are different kinds of abortions they are able to do so the price range will be diff depending on how far along prego u are...best advice is telling your parents so they can help your figure out the best route....good luck


The cost varies by the stage -- the later the stage, the more involved the procedure is. The site below lists costs of $300-$800+, depending on how long's been.


My friend whom I won't name said she was gonna get one with her daughter and it was 600 but she backed out of it even though she had the money.



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Try Judith Jarvis Thompson's philosophical "A Defense of Abortion": http://spot.colorado.edu/~heathwoo/Phil1... . Good stuff for reading. She wrote it before Roe v. Wade, but nobody in the pro-choice community ever brings it up - stupidly, because it's a stronger legal defense than Roe. The...

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They told the SAME thing to my mom about me. The doctor told her either she had an abortion in the doctors office or an abortion on her own because either way I wasn't going to make it. Here I am 18 years later perfectly healthy :)

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The only thing free about abortions in Texas is that they will be unavailable unless you have money. As the article says, low income women will go back to using illegal abortionists, who are not free, or go across the border for them.

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Anyone who carries a baby to "late term" WANTS that baby. Late-term abortions are only done to same the mother's life, or to save the baby from certain suffering followed by death shortly after birth. They aren't done as retroactive birth control. They are done by heartbreaking decision...