Minor abortion in ca!?

Minor abortion in ca!?

Minor abortion in ca!?


Since u are so young i dnt think they will let u get an abortion without your parents consent..bc there are different kinds of abortions they are able to do so the price range will be diff depending on how far along prego u are...best advice is telling your parents so they can help your figure out the best route....good luck


The cost varies by the stage -- the later the stage, the more involved the procedure is. The site below lists costs of $300-$800+, depending on how long's been.


My friend whom I won't name said she was gonna get one with her daughter and it was 600 but she backed out of it even though she had the money.



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I'm sure this isn't going to work - but give it a try if you want. But be prepared to go get a real abortion if some right wing pinhead hasn't destroyed your right to do that where you are.

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Your parent cannot force you to have an abortion I dont believe. That would be thrown out in court (if it was taken to court) very quickly. If both are under the age of consent nothing can happen legally...if you mean one of them getting in legal trouble for having sex with the other?

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yes, and that is why obama did not vote yes for the bill. doctors already are required by law through their Hippocratic oath to help all living humans, which includes failed abortions.

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You are asking "How would you get help for it". In my case, I was totally unconscious. My sister only took care of me at that time. She is now settled in London. It happened about two years ago. For your other questions, it all depends. What type of help do you expect. In my case, I was totally...

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From Peter Singer: http://www.animal-rights-library.com/tex... "Since a man cannot have an abortion, it is meaningless to talk of his right to have one. Since a pig can't vote, it is meaningless to talk of its right to vote...The basic principle of equality, I shall argue, is equality of consideration-...