Medical or Surgical abortion?

Medical or Surgical abortion?

Medical or Surgical abortion?


Medical would be ideal for you since you're under 9 weeks. It basically brings on the effect of a miscarriage. You can take it in the comfort of your home. Check out this page, take your questions there and the ladies who have had one or the other (or both) can help you out better than I can. You can also check out the Planned Parenthood website at


You dont need surgery prior to 6-7 weeks


the pill yu need to be 8 weeks and lower and with in a week yu bleed it all out yu miscarry. and surrgical they inject yur cervix yur awake and dilate yu then it take about 15 min. not that painfull . prefer surgical .


since your not that far along, they will give you a pill to take and bring you back to make sure everything has been dispelled. I had a miscarriage but my body didn't get rid of everything.


If there's a staircase nearby, that's probably the best method.


I would never kill a kid is evil



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