Medical Insurance confidentiality on abortion?

Medical Insurance confidentiality on abortion?

Medical Insurance confidentiality on abortion?



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How much do abortions cost?
Medical abortion by pill typically costs between $300 and $800- an in-clinic surgical abortion costs between $300 and $950 in the first trimester. Sometimes low-cost family planning clinics like Planned Parenthood work on a sliding scale based on your income, or they will help you work out...

Abortion pill?
There is a morning after pill. This pill is to be taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex, or taken if the condom broke. The abortion pill is something different. This is taken within a certain amt of weeks when u are pregnant.

Abortion Billing?
First of all, I would call the police about the threats your ex is making toward you. I would not allow him to bully you like that. Second of all, most insurance does not cover abortion unless it is for medical necessity (VERY RARE). It is an elective procedure. And, your mother would get...

I need help on this please? (Abortion)?
Both are FOR abortion. There is info on Judith's stance on this here: Read up on the topic here: (by the end there is info on Mary Anne Warren's standing regarding abortion)

Abortion at 9 weeks pregnant...?
It may or may not hurt. It's a surgical procedure so there would probably be some discomfort. They give local anesthetic and some sort of anti-anti anxiety drug to relax you. A 9 week abortion is a suction procedure whereby the embryo is sucked out of the mother and in the process, killed....