Medical Abortion? Abortion Pill?

Medical Abortion? Abortion Pill?

Medical Abortion? Abortion Pill?


It's too late for the RU486 pill. It's generally considered a morning after product. No matter what decision she makes, it's life altering, and she needs support. To me, the best thing would be to go through with the pregnancy, and place the child for adoption. This way, she's not killing an unborn child, and she can have an open adoption, where she can continue to love the child, and have contact. There are so many people like myself, that wish to adopt. Abortion can affect her future fertility, so if she does go through with it, at least go to a reputable doctor. Her emotions after will be similar to post partum blues, because of the hormones, and the combined guilt that many women associate with abortion.


i agree with do209 abortion is entirely wrong do people really stay in relationships that long without having sex, yes! long term problems are that she could have internal injuries if she has a medical procedure performed she will have psychological problems too...well over half of women who have abortions deeply regret their decision and seek counseling having an abortion is a traumatizing thing and I'm really sorry that she is in this situation but I really really hope she reconsiders


I have never used this, but this site (under sources) lists all the side effects that are possible as well as percentages of people who experienced them. I also read that she needs about 2 weeks.


I don't know, when I got pregnant I wasnt ready to be a mom, but there was no way I could do that to her, all I did was think about the tiny baby's hands and feet and thought of what she would become and I just couldnt even though it did cross my mind when I found out I was pregnant.


Have her call or make an appointment at her local Planned Parenthood office, and they can talk to her about her options, tell her what to expect, and answer any questions she may have.


Haven't taken it myself but read on a forum someone saying it gave them alot of cramping. You should look at the forums they have alot of good info as does sisterzeus.


In response to all of you arguing about whether or not abortion is ethical, let me explain once and for all why you people can't resolve this issue: You foolishly believe that one side of the argument is the correct side, and it doesn't matter whichside you believe that it is, because you're ALL in the wrong. Yes, abortion may be equivalent to murder, but, to exactly the same degree, forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term is equivalent to slavery. Therefore BOTH SIDES ARE WRONG! and there is NO CORRECT AND MORAL ANSWER, ON EITHER SIDE.


I am sorry but abortion isn't a woman's right.A woman shouldn't have a right to kill another human being.I am not being mean.Your cousin is gonna regret killing a baby in the future.


She'll feel like **** for at least a couple of weeks. Psychologically and physicaly. 2 weeks should be enough. Give her lots of hugs. It's a difficult decision to make.



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