Medical abortion experience?

Medical abortion experience?

Medical abortion experience?


Warning.. most of what you read on the enternet is true. It is painful but bareable with some meds. I am 18 years old, i decided to have an abortion because i got pregnant when i wad told i could never have kids. I was to leave for Basic Training in 29 days and i chose my career. I took the first pill in officr, went home and read many horror stories on medical abortion. 24 hours ltr i prepare my room for a long day. Had mx oxycodone (eat before or you will be nausious), antibiotics (make sure u take. Infection can br deadly) water bottle, and heating pad. I inserted the pills vaginal, put on a pad, and laid down and watched tv. An hour into it, cramps hit, like normal period cramps. No biggy. 3 hrs in it kicked up a couple notches and bleeding began. My person experienve was lite blood. An hout later cramps became unbareable. I went to the restroom and blood poured out. Then PLOOOP. A blood clot 2x the size of a quarter came out. Cramps lasted all day. It is hard. Prepare yourself hun


I am nineteen, turning twenty in May so when I found out I was pregnant about three months ago I was devastated. My boyfriend of six months broke up with me and I was nervous about how I could raise a child still being in school as well as single so I'll admit I looked into the option of abortion. But I realized I could never go through with it. Yes, things were extremely difficult at first, but now I've never been happier, it lead me to finding an amazing guy and in five months I'll have a beautiful baby. I honestly believe everyone that has ever went through with one regrets it.


Its painful. Hurts a lot afterwards. Cramps are horrible. Viccodin took 2 hours to do effect. I cried. Regretted what I had done. Got an infection. hospitalized for a week. I couldn't sleep with the guilt think about it. I went through a lot & now I'm happily 5 months pregnant I had the abortion last year. I wouldn't go through that again.ever. I still hate my self for that


I do not like talking about it too much. But I would not recommend it for anyone. I was 17 yrs old and after wards I was in the worse depression that I have ever been in. I regret it to the fullest now. I now have a son, who is 4, and I had him about a year and a half after I had my abortion. I know I am not the one to talk, but my motto I tell young people now is if you are old enough to spread them, then you should know the consequences. I was young and naive. If you don't want the child put him/her up for adoption. Now that I am older and know what the abortion consists of I would have never gone threw with it.


If you really want it, you won't regret it. Here in Canada, I was put to sleep once, and awake for the second one. The one where I was awake was a little bit harder, because you feel it. But afterwards you just want to sleep. It's like having a really bad period. You usually feel better a day or two after. Emotionally, if you REALLY want it, you won't be affected.


This question was a bad idea in a section full of pregnant women and women who are trying to conceive a child. You most likely won't find what you're looking for here at all. Google it instead.


nope sorry abortion is murder



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