Looking for online pro-choice articles?

Looking for online pro-choice articles?

Looking for online pro-choice articles?


I'm not trying to be an asshole, but i honestly want to know how anyone(especially a woman) can honestly SUPPORT abortion unless you were raped. i am not asking you if you were, i am just saying in general, that i would hope and assume that we can all agree that only under the condition of being raped, that it is okay to have an abortion. you have to agree that no child deserves to be killed just because you made an idiotic mistake. i get really touchy on this, because i have a few moron friends who have gotten their girlfriends pregnant because they never wear condoms(or the girls don't take a pill), and they actually have the audacity to consider using abortion as a form of birth control. i understand that there are always good things that come with bad things, and im not really being bias, but i do honestly want to know how/if you are for abortion. sorry i didn't answer your question though. it just caught my eye.


go to the planned parenthood website, you will find plenty of information on baby killing there.


i also support it i just don't get why most really think this is a "sin".. or such.. being biased by religion.. when in fact (for example) letting a child come into this world with a severe handicap condition..to make his/her life miserable. oh well, my opinion. anyhoo,, good luck :)



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