Little bleeding no clots after medical abortion?

Little bleeding no clots after medical abortion?

Little bleeding no clots after medical abortion?


Hello, I was wondering if you could give me an update about your situation. I'm going through the exact same thing..



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Did they make abortion illegal in North Carolina?
Nope they didn't and won't. The current abortion fights are trying to limit it to 20 weeks and under (4 1/2 months, if you can't get it done by then seriously wtf?). Also trying to limit it to professional clinics and hospitals. Requiring parental notice and in some cases parental consent if...

Quick question about abortions?
Abortion Techniques: Photos and Video of Abortions, Including 1st Trimester Abortions: Information on All Aspects of Abortion: Photos and Facts...

Should the Abortion Dr. in Philadelphia have administered anesthesia?
The murderer from Philadelphia deserves the death penalty. I can't imagine anyone having the ability to severe a spinal cord of a perfectly healthy baby. Absolutely beyond belief!! I am sick over it.

Can you smoke weed while taking the abortion pill?
Well there are a few types of "abortion pills". One is the RU486 pill taken orally by mouth on the day of the appointment. Then you will insert a pill into your vagina on the second day. The abortion should already have occurred in a week. The 2nd is a pill by mouth the first day and then a...

What is a good question to argue about abortion in bioethics?
Should women who get abortions be allowed to decide what happens to the embryonic or fetal remains? I would have liked the option of donating it to science - stem cell research. ~Divine