List some pros and cons of abortion vs adoption?

List some pros and cons of abortion vs adoption?

List some pros and cons of abortion vs adoption?


I saw your other questions about wanting to know if you get money if you adopt out, and if you can eat anything to give you a miscarriage, or take a hot shower to get a miscarriage, or if you can get free abortions anywhere to free pills to get rid of it. Personally I am sick of seeing your questions about abortion, trying to raise a bunch of debate, as if you'll actually listen to what anyone says. The facts are this: No one is going to give you a free abortion. Your parents are going to know. Adoption is obviously a wonderful thing. You are stupid. Hopefully the kid won't inherit your brains. I mean, for crying out loud, what would the benefits for the baby be with abortion?? It's killing it! How could there be any pros for the baby with that? Don't pretend to be worried about the baby's welfare, because it's quite obvious you're only thinking of your own superficial needs. THXXX!


Abortion Pros: You are helping out with not over populating (polluting) the country. No need to care for an extra life. Your body will be healthier if you do not bare children. There are already MILLIONS of kids awaiting to be adopted, why bring another one into the world. Selfish You are standing up for women's rights and hopefully someday- stem-cell research that will eventually help cure disease's. Not having a child. Period. Most pro thing I can think of. Abortion Cons: NOTHING comes to mind. Because there is no such thing as cons of having an abortion. Adoption Cons: Again, there are already millions of unwanted kids in the world today, why contribute more to that number. Your biological kid will someday come looking for you wondering why you gave up. Whether you like it or not. Adoption Pros: NO pros to adoption. UNLESS women STOP giving birth to new babies, and adopt an already eligible kid that needs a home. (Common Sense) This is to *Girl*: What makes you think having a child is a joyful thing for every women? If I told you that you should shape up and lose weight because you're fat and disgusting, and it would be a joyful thing, WOULD YOU DO IT? Face it, having a child? Is not joyful, ITS a disaster now-a-days.


abortion: cons - mother will lose the chance of experiencing one of the most joyful things in the world baby will lose its life pros - no pros in abortion adoption: pros - mother will be helping a baby by have a family and loving him or her baby will have a family cons - we you adopt you dont know that much about the baby or family



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