Light period 6 weeks after abortion?

Light period 6 weeks after abortion?

Light period 6 weeks after abortion?



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Ecpotic pregancy and had medical abortion... methotrexate???
My situation is a little different but I have also had a medical abortion (misoprostol) for a miscarriage in December. However, in my case, it did not work completely and I developed an infection which resulted in an emergency D and C in January. My gynae told us to wait until my periods return...

In search of an apartment in a rural town towards King of Prussia, PA. Need help w/ location!? A good site to try for finding apartments. Also saw your other question - Fund Name:Margaret C. Rubin Freedom Fund affiliation_name:PP of Central Pennsylvania City:York State:PA Zip Code:17405 Contact Name:Intake coordinator Contact Phone:717-845-9681...

Abortion> 3rd trimester. 10 points!?
I don't believe it's ok in the US. 2nd trimester abortions are though... isn't that just dandy?! The baby could possibly live outside the womb and the drs are killing it. So I guess even though Maine decided that baby's at 12 weeks 1 day are officially humans with rights, but Kansas decided...

Abortion for female dog?
It's possible that your dog isn't actually pregnant. Go to a vet and get them to check. Don't abort them because it could cause damage to your dog. Btw if you don't want your dog to have puppies, why isn't it desexed?

What the legal limit in California to have an abortion?
Please don't think about abortion...a baby is always a gift and will bring you great love and joy. If you need help or resources in California then call a helpline like Lifehouse at 661.323.2229 Stay strong, God bless you!