Libs are for science and abortion?

Libs are for science and abortion?

Libs are for science and abortion?


The answer to your question is a matter of opinion. I believe that life begins at conception, however the motivation behind liberals support for abortion is simply that the mom should have the right to choose, and that by not allowing her to do so we would be violating her rights an american citizen. Whatever happened to the concept of accepting responsibility for your actions!? The sad part is liberals are so backwards to think that abortion is right and that a fetus has no rights, but are gung ho about removing the death penalty because a psychotic serial killer deserves to live more than an innocent child!


Of course not. And no, science hasn't proven the garbage you just spouted in your question. Reading and "stimulating" a fetus may be beneficial in the later months, but liberals are not advocating late term abortion. I realize the right will continue to get hung up on this false argument, but a fetus will never equal a baby. Mike, do not call them pro-life.. they are anti-choice. There is nothing about their stances that is "pro-life".


Science has NOT shown what you say to be true of zygotes (the single cell), or embryos. At first, the bunch of cells are undifferentiated, thus, the embryo has no brain, and can't learn or take in anything from being read to. A fetus becomes a baby when its born. But most who support rights for pregnant persons don't support abortions being legal late in the pregnancy.


Amoebas respond to external stimuli too. What's your point? The abortion issue is over the rights of women to make decisions about their own bodies.


@Scott B: No one finds out that they're pregnant at 3 days 99% of people who get abortions find out that they're pregnant at (or after) 5-6 weeks. It usually goes like this: 1) Get pregnant 2) Miss a period 3) Wait a week or two just in case your period is late (it happens all the time) 4) Take a pregnancy test By then, it's no longer just a 'clump of cells'...People know this, they just don't want to face the reality of it No one takes a pregnancy test the day after they have sex...If they were THAT concerned about it, they would have used birth control BEFORE they had sex. The people who find out the earliest, are the people who are desperately trying TO get pregnant...Not those who will end up having an abortion.


Yes. Liberals support science and a woman's right to choose. You will never convince me that a fertilized egg (conception) is a "baby" or that a fetus that has ZERO chance of survival outside the womb is a "baby".


Let me know how well you do without your car, house, TV, radio, computer, processed food, and clothes. All of these come from science Genius. Also, think past the nine months.


how is reading healthy--link? And, assuming it is beneficial for the fetus, at what point - how many weeks into the pregnancy?


Photo cells "respond to external stimuli" too, but I wouldn't call them a "human being". And, you can't tell me that a 3 day old clump of cells responds to someone reading to it.



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