Let's talk about abortion...?

Let's talk about abortion...?

Let's talk about abortion...?


also malice: intent to commit an unlawful act or cause harm without legal justification or excuse. to me, killing your offspring because you don't want to deal with a child, or because you think it will be too "hard" to give up your child to adoption (i honestly don't remember anyone ever saying life was EASY, actually, i think life is the hardest thing you will ever do) is excuse enough. aforethought: premeditated. are you going to tell me people unknowlingly get abortions? that's called a miscarriage...and that's not what gets pro life believers upset. also note that, while the word for murder changes throughout cultures, the idea is still the same, yet laws in all countries are different. in some countries, abortion is illegal. so, if a woman gets an abortion here, it's not murder, but gets one in another country, it is? the laws of our country do not dictate what is and what is not murder. for instance, war is legal. a soldier here can kill another soldier from the opposing side and not go to jail. therefore, what did he do? would it be inaccurate to say he killed the other soldier? same with soldiers on the american side who died in warfare: were they not murdered? then their death was natural? without malice? abortion is murder. whether the fetus is a full grown baby or not, it has it's OWN set of 46 chromosomes, completely different from the mother's, making it a different entity, and as human's are classified gene wise as having 46, it is a human entity, otherwise, if it were a part of the mother, the mother would have 92 chromosomes and technically, not be human throughout her whole pregnancy. purposely taking the life of a human entity is murdering of a human, whether it's fully developed or not. so sorry, whether our government agrees with it or not, or whatever pro choice believers tell themselves to make themselves feel better about killing their own flesh and blood to make life as easy as possible for them, it is murdering. our government can be wrong, our definitions can be wrong, however, the natural world of biology is never wrong. i would like to state, however, though this should be obvious, that abortion is okay only when the mother's life is in danger. why? well because dead mommies=dead fetuses. if the fetus is dead either way, but there is a chance to save the mom, then let it be one tragic death instead of two.


Many people have a personal definition of murder and that's usually simply along the lines of taking a beings life away. And that there's some rumors going around (that are probably true) that by the time a woman realizes she's pregnant and is able to have an abortion, the baby will be able to feel the pain of being "killed", making it's first and last few minutes of life nothing but torture. Personally, I too have the personal definition of murder to be to willingly take a life. And by that, I do mean any life, including an animals. No, I'm not a vegetarian, so, yes, I am a hypocrite, regretfully... Hey, at least I admit it.


Abortion is not murder. Either nature chooses for you to abort or you choose, but you are Nature. Women have miscarriages all the time, but rarely feel them. Lots of fetus's haven't made it past the first couple of weeks due to many reasons of the body or its environment. Now as for the choice of the woman knowing her pregnancy could go through and she chooses abortion.. that is ok as well, here is why: We are the only lucky animals on this planet that can prevent a fetus from becoming a life if we know we are not suited parents/ready/whatever the reason. Here is why humans are lucky... Animals themselves have to kill their young outside the womb... Very horrible and traumatic for an animal to actually see its own living breathing baby and know that it cant take care of it so it kills it, or it kills some of the young in order for the rest of the young to survive. This is the course of nature and it is very Normal and Natural. If you think the emotional toll is bad when having an abortion... just think what those animals go through killing the young outside the womb. As for religion: Who cares. If you are religious then do as your religion tells you if you follow that path then that is still Your choice. If you are not religious.. who cares.. if your heart and mind tells you that you cannot have a child then that is your choice, then dont have one. If you choose to give birth have give it up for adoption then either way religion or no religion, that is still your choice. Just do whats right for you, for Your survival. It if your life and not anyone else's.


Cos they're ignorant... I have a standard answer when it cames to this issue. Please ignore that which does not pertain to you. Standard answer to this one cos I'm sick of it... EVERYONE is PRO-life... excepting maybe psychopaths. I am PRO choice and you are ANTI choice... let's call it what it is... Not some emotive term denigrating people who believe in freedom of choice. It sounds very much like you're another willing tool of the religious right, driven by misogynistic wrinkled old men. The modus operandi of ANTI choicers is to pick on the weak and vulnerable. The ANTI choicers' main tools of trade are FEAR, GUILT, lies and hypocrisy. I am against abortion BUT 1. I am a man- I should have NO say. 2. I am NOT that girl- I should have NO say. I'm pro-choice, not pro-abortion… Religion needs to stay out of a woman's vagina- it has no business there. There is nothing I can think of more barbaric than forcing a girl-woman to gestate unwillingly. AND… IF men could become pregnant, abortion would NOT be an issue and you know it. ~


Over a million would babes are killed every year through abortion and some think this is a good thing and that they are good people and yet others stand by and do nothing not even wondering who or what is behind the madness.


Abortion is the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought, so we call it "murder".


Since when do most people even use words according to what a dictionary says the word means? Murder, without putting a lot of thought into it, means killing. Simple as that.


Only a "Person in being" can be murdered and in the case of a fetus that means it must survive outside the mother by itself and thus be a child!


Abortion is murder: the deliberate, unjust killing of a human being. You'll have your chance to put God on the witness stand soon enough. Good luck with that.



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