Legalizing abortions in the U.S.?

Legalizing abortions in the U.S.?

Legalizing abortions in the U.S.?


Abortions have been legal in the US for over thirty years. Following your logic then killing anybody is OK...we can just call it "post birth abortion" You forget we are dealing with a human life. Would like it had your mother exercised her "choice" and sucked you from her body and flushed you down the drain? When a society devalues human life, that society is in decline By the way, you were not discussing it, you were ranting about it and not wanting a discussion, only a soapbox.


They are legal, slick



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Why do pro-lifers lie and hate women's rights to abort?
It's all about $lut shaming. They don't care about the POTENTIAL child, they just want the woman to be punished for having sex. "If you didn't want a baby, you shouldn't have opened your legs ya damn skank! Deal with the consequences" blah blah blah, notice how they never mention the man...

Know any "Scholarly" sites on Abortion ( for an Essay)?
Here's a site from the Center for Disease Control

Abortion right/wrong?
I believe that as soon as a child is conceived it has a soul therefore when an abortion is committed that childs soul goes on to Heaven. Abortion is so wrong. Children are such a wonderful blessing & yet they are being murdered b4 they can even have the chance to be loved & enjoyed by someone...

Why i am bleeding after abortion?
Don't worry, sweety! The same thing happened to me after my first abortion. Don't worry, That is a very common side effect of abortion. It is normal to "spot" for 3-6 weeks after abortion. Unless you are bleeding heavily, and continue to bleed or spot after 6 weeks, I don't think you should...

Anybody take the abortion pill?
I had had the abortion pill last Tuesday. You have to make two trips to the clinic, blood pressure is done, and a scan to make sure there is something there. After taking the first tablet, they ask you to come back after either 6hrs,24hrs or 48hrs. On the second visit, you can still change...