LDS / Mormon : How many wives did Joseph Smith have?

LDS / Mormon : How many wives did Joseph Smith have?

LDS / Mormon : How many wives did Joseph Smith have?


I think he had about three that were around 14 years of age. A few were married to other men. Some in various degrees of worthiness or unworthiness in the church. Was polygamy/plural marriage to help procreate in this life? Yes and no. A lot of it was in regards to others eternal salvation, which I know you don't believe in. Did he have sex with these wives? Unknown. The records are sketchy at best. Some women claimed they did. But very hard to say. That's what i've learned searching about it in a nut shell.


He had at least 30 wives. One, Helen Mar Kimball, was 14. Some others were older teens. 10 or 11 were already married to other men. If the reason was to procreate, it didn't work too well. There haven't been any confirmed descendants from his plural wives, though several claimed to have had his child.


Depends on who you ask. Critics will lie and give you outrageous numbers. Members will either say one to a few. As I wasn't there at the time, I will say beyond Joseph being married to Emma, I don't know how many wives he was sealed to eternally. I have read the records that there were women who had themselves sealed to him after his death, and these women would be recorded as being his wives. The Church doesn't dwell on how many wives this man or that man had. We look at the scriptures brought forth and the truths they teach.


He is currently sealed to one, Emma. But he got married to dozens. BTW, if you ever volunteer and digitalize 100 year old government census records, you'll see a lot of crazy marriages and lifestyles, including youngsters getting married.


Truth seeker? ya right! : ( 1 - Emma 2 - none 3 - no....raise up righteous seed when only the Lord commands it 4 - no


Sounds like you already know the answer to your questions.


More than you, the lucky bastard!!! Although, seriously, I have a friend that brags about being a descendent of one of Joseph Smith's wives. Totally freaky.


he had one...


he didn't.



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