If you don't have regular insurance, or a public aid type insurance where you can go to a regular doctor, try going to a clinic where they will do a blood test for pregnancy instead of a urine test. These are usually much more accurate, and can tell you almost immediately after conception. When I was only about as far along as you may be, I had a few cramps, some that actually felt like my period was starting, but they may have only been the implantation cramping/bleeding, and everything getting ready for a baby. My back didn't start hurting until much, much later in my pregnancy, and I didn't start getting really hungry and having weird cravings until much later either. Everyone is different, of course, so I would definitely try another doctor! Good luck!


My last pregnancy i was like 5 days late before a got a positive test.


Don't use caps hunny it makes your post very hard to read.... if your last period was January 19 that would make you 6 weeks pregnant you'd certainly test positive. You're probably just irregular are you young?


You would be almost 2 months pregnant so you would have a positive test by now. Get a PAP smear. There may be something else wrong.


It is just March you would not be showing symptoms that fast like hunger. You are probably not PG but get another test in a few weeks to be sure. You can actually make yourself worry so much about being PG that you get phantom symptoms.



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