Killing an abortion doctor. American terrorism?

Killing an abortion doctor. American terrorism?

Killing an abortion doctor. American terrorism?


most assuredly an act of Terrorism...and to look at it in another light, the terrorist(s) are conducting a very counter productive operation here. The more violence used, the more marginalized that side of an argument becomes. It reverses the legitimate debate points that may have been asserted in a more compelling, and diplomatic way. THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD! and always has been Ive been against abortion in most cases for a long time now, and will debate it all day long. But, its idiot radicals like this that rip at the threads of society...and while Im at it, its comments like the one from "theone" that actually fuel this activity and keep it around. Its a sad day when we can't categorically denounce any type of hate killing...we need to respect life. just my thoughts


It's not really. Murder is murder, no matter who might be committing the act. The only reason that it won't be viewed as such, would be because it's not on as grand a scale. Now, if this man had happened to be of Arab decent, it probably would have been viewed differently. People still have prejudices sadly. It's all the same. I'm sure we could think of more examples of terrorism.


O no - they are highly religious people with a very high moral status - that's why they kill: They are "prolifers". I can't see any difference to Taliban or al Qaeda - only that the christan murderers are much more brutal.


Over a million unborn babies murdered in abortion clinics every year. The American Holocaust? hol·o·caust (hl-kost, hl-) KEY NOUN: Great destruction resulting in the extensive loss of life, especially by fire. Holocaust The genocide of European Jews and others by the Nazis during World War II: "Israel emerged from the Holocaust and is defined in relation to that catastrophe" (Emanuel Litvinoff). A massive slaughter: "an important document in the so-far sketchy annals of the Cambodian holocaust" (Rod Nordland). A sacrificial offering that is consumed entirely by flames. Dehumanizing them by calling them "fetus" or "parasite" and then callously murdering them? How is this any different from what the Taliban or Al Qaeda does? Look, Tiller's murder is a horrible thing. I am not glad that he is dead, but neither am I plagued with grief for him. I do, however, have compassion for the shooter and his family. What could drive someone to such a desparation that he drives to a church and shoots a man down inside the church, in the sight of his wife who is sitting in the choir? Murder is never right, never good. Never. Not ever. But...sometimes it is justifiable.


Domestic terrorism. You should see the clutter of Questions and Answers in the political section PRAISING the murder. I would put up $100,000 against $10,000 the Killer was NOT an atheist. People like O'Reilly stirring up the little jihadists. disgusting.


It's different from the Al Quaeda because the members of Al Quaeda usually don't run like cowards. Sure Al Quaeda is batshit insane but they aren't as chickenshit. theone78: I sincerely hope you don't live anywhere near me. You people scare me.


Yeah, of course it's terrorism. There have been more domestic attacks by Americans on abortion clinics than there have been domestic acts of terrorism committed by foreigners. This won't be called to our attention because they're Christians.


Well, we have ingested a very racially/culturally charged definition of the word "terrorist". Which is why a lot of people won't classify this as a terrorist act even though it very obviously is. This is absolutely terrorism. It's sick and sad and SCARY.


In the heart of every Christian lies the spirit of the Taliban.



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