Jewish views on abortion?

Jewish views on abortion?

Jewish views on abortion?


Firstly, the mother's life is placed before that of the child. The possibility of loss of the mother's life comes first. Secondly, today with greater awareness, abortion is not seen as a social stigma, but regarded more as the need to avoid worse social complications. An unmarried expectant mother can appeal against the social/phychological/financial burden of having a baby, and obtain an abortion. The alternative of infanticide is regarded as being far worse and is murder. Abortion should not normally be done if the feotus is developed to more than about 2 months, but this is not a strict criterion. Sex before marriage is not banned by the Rabbis although it is normally expected to lead to marriage, especially if a child is already on the way. It is not a sin, but the irresponsibility of leaving a lover in a state of pregency certainly is. The Jews have experienced so many pograms, wars, rapes and loving relationships too, that their attitude to abortion is not as strict as many in other religions, that are opposed to take life at any stage of its growth.


If the woman's physical, mental and/or emotional life is in danger due to the birth of the child, abortion is permitted. This is one halachic viewpoint. Reform Judaism is more permissive.


The Jewish people that I know do not oppose abortion. Please check out my current Question:


All of the Reform Jews I know are pro-choice.


Depends what kind you are. Probaly orthodox and republican jews have something against it. (orthodox is a type of jew, republican as in the political) No one i've met in temple has a problem with it



i have no idea, and im jewish good question i suppose



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