Isn't legal abortion with us to stay, no matter what?

Isn't legal abortion with us to stay, no matter what?

Isn't legal abortion with us to stay, no matter what?


Wisconsin and South Dakota and some other states have banned abortion. Approximately 31 states have made abortion laws stricter people do need educated on why pro life is the right thing, but we have more people screaming about how pro life people are jamming it down their throats so nobody wants to listen.


I always support the opinion that, everyone should be able to do whatever they want with their body and with anything "inside their body". As long as you don't affect anyone else. In my country we are having the same discussion about abortion in case of violation and for therapeutic reasons (mother's life is in danger)


It had better be or women may just start aborting religious nuts no matter their age and the politicians that listen to them too. No breaks here you right to life nutso-s. Take away womens rights and we will help them rise up and smite your "religious" azz.


Yes, legal abortion is here to stay. It doesn't matter what those pro-lifers say.


You are right.Politicians use it to keep us arguing,while they rob us blind.



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