Isnt Abortion grand . . .?

Isnt Abortion grand . . .?

Isnt Abortion grand . . .?


That's not abortion, that's murder... and that child would not have survived more than a day outside the womb... but yeah, I'm still opposed to abortions at that stage, unless it's a medical emergency. The mother certainly had time to know she was pregnant and consider her options long before that.


Yeah this would happen in Florida where they are so anti abortion the poor women have to turn to shady clinics to get things done!


Thank God Vance, we wouldn't want another enlightened person like you around. Great argument. You saying you would be contributing to the crime rate with your evil seed?


That is sick and just horribly wrong. They could have at least taken the baby to the hospital anonymous! SICK!!


my gf had an abortion side note aren't the packed orphanages, crime, etc. grand?


what he did was not an abortion



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JUST TO MENTION A FEW...: UTERINE PERFORATION: Between 2 and 3% of all abortion patients may suffer perforation of their uterus, yet most of these injuries will remain undiagnosed and untreated unless laparoscopic visualization is performed.(5) Such an examination may be useful when beginning...

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56.6 MILLION US ABORTIONS SINCE ROE VS WADE. was all those deaths a mistake and usa could have used those as population ages?
No. The US is already overpopulated and there aren't enough jobs as it is. Fifty six million more unemployed people would be a disaster.

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