Is Tim McGraw REALLY this????

Is Tim McGraw REALLY this????

Is Tim McGraw REALLY this????


I'm not positive, but I think I read an interview where he said that was a rumor started by the "Red Rag Top" song already mentioned here. Also, I am a Democrat and VERY much Pro-LIFE. Not every Democrat falls into the "Pro-illegal immigration, pro-choice, anti-Christian" stereotype, just like not every Republican falls into the "Bible-beating, Hell fire and Brimstone, Pro-life" stereotype. The people who are trying to connect his political preferences to his opinion on abortion are simply wrong. It may be true that he is both Democrat and Pro-choice, but the two are not directly related and cannot be assumed to be so. Deal with it.


Tim is probably like a lot of us-- I personally wouldn't make that decision myself, but I believe the government shouldn't be the one to make the decision. So, in a nutshell, I'm Pro-Life in my personal beliefs, but Pro-Choice inasmuch as I believe that it should be a personal choice. As a lot of people have said, no one is really pro-abortion- I don't believe anyone really believes it is the best choice- however, some believe it should be an option.


My guess is that his feelings are mixed about it, but that he doesn't believe that it's a matter for government intervention. He himself was illegitimate: his biological father was pitcher Tug McGraw, and he didn't know this until he was grown. People who oppose legal restrictions on abortion are not "pro-abortion." Nobody likes the idea of terminating a pregnancy. But the presence of such laws makes life exceedingly difficult on women who are already having difficulties, and the motivation for the passage of anti-abortion laws is, at base, mean-spirited in the extreme.


That's related to his Red Rag Top song. "I think anyone who is against abortion will see the line, 'you pay for your sins,' as being against abortion. Anyone who is pro-abortion feels like the song supports the 'you have a choice' aspect of the controversy."


By Pro-Abortion do you mean he wants every woman on Earth to get an abortion? Or do you mean Pro Choice? Where that choice will hopefully be to do the right thing. Only Education will reduce the number of Abortions in this country. Not laws aimed at ignorant hicks.


i dont know about tim mcgraw, but most christians are republican and most do not think abortions are okay.


Tim McGraw is a democrat and is pro-abortion.


its just like STRANGE said as soon as red rag top came out he got alot of people askinghim that question then itseemed to just blow up but thats one ofhis best songs just becacuse he was diverse enuff to adrees the issue


I met a girl who laughed like a hyena. I saw her ***, and I rethought asking her out. Sort of like, if the abortion clinics donated half their profits to a religious charity it'd magically become ok. And if a southern baptists daughter got pregnant by Johnny from down the road because she couldn't keep her legs shut, mommy would haul her down to the city to save face.


Nobody is "pro-abortion " . Some just don't think it should be a government decision . Calm down.



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