Is this legal (abortion)?

Is this legal (abortion)?

Is this legal (abortion)?


Your girlfriend sound very macabre,why abort the foetus and still keep for everyone to see. There are laws in the UK the foetus goes to Histopathology and is then disposed of. I think your girlfriend needs a little help,but I also think this question could just be for affect.


It depends on local laws. In most places, the products of conception must be treated as medical waste and handled as such- for example, the California Health and Safety Code mandates that abortionists treat aborted fetuses as medical waste and they are incinerated. Some states allow for fetuses to be used in stem cell research. In cases of late-term abortions using the procedure of intact dilation and extraction, which results in an intact corpse, the baby is not treated as medical waste, but must be handled according to local laws regarding proper care and disposal of dead bodies. Hope that helps!


It's considered medical waste and will be disposed of as such.



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