Is there any way to stop Abortion?

Is there any way to stop Abortion?

Is there any way to stop Abortion?


You can only abort in the first trimester so up until like 12 weeks. At this gestation the foetus has NO chance at all of surviving even with the help of an incubator. It relies on the placenta for nutrients and oxygen and waste transport, and has no completely developed body systems. Foetus are not able to survive outside the uterus until around 24 weeks and abortions are never done that late unless for severe medical reasons. There is no machine in the world that could act as a placenta and simulate life inside the uterus. A nice idea, but a little naive.


They say a baby has a chance of living once you are 24 weeks, I think that if someone wants an abortion they should wait until 24 weeks and deliver the baby. Granted i'm not a doctor and I don't know percentages and chances and everything else but it's better than killing an innocent baby that didn't even do anything.


Lol kill off our species? Are you really that uneducated? There over 5 billion humans on the planet. If only 10% of those reproduce our species still wouldn't die out for a long long time. If anything we are over populated and need to be thinned out. But i guess that is what war is for sadly. And no there is no way to get rid of abortion even if you out law it women will still find ways to terminate a pregnancy.


I am not for abortion but I think that it a chose. I also thing that in situations girls need to get abortion, like rape, or the mom might die, and or the baby, etc.. You can only get an abortion up to 12 weeks and there is no way possible that baby would live. What we can do to prevent abortion is talk to our children about safe sex, and getting better sex education in the school system. Because in my opinion the school does not teach them enough.


No there is nothing we can do about it. And "killing off our own species" is a bit of a dramatic statement. We aren't killing off anything. The world is terribly over populated as it is, and that over population is what is destroying the panet (hole in the ozone/global warming etc...). There are also thousands of unwanted kids in foster care and orphanages. The last thing we need is thousands more unwanted kids laying around in incubators.


I don't really like abortion, but there are some holes in your suggestion. What will we do with all of these babies? i think the best way to stop abortion is to educate children early. I teach middle school students and most of them are anti-abortion. Something changes as they get older and it becomes more tempting because they had sex too soon without considering consequences. But, if these girls really knew what happened in an abortion. I think many of them would think differently and take it more seriously. Also, if there were more social and public consequences they might make better decisions regarding sex.


The child is incapable of surviving outside of the womb before 24-26 weeks and even then there's a very small chance of survival before 34 weeks. Most abortions happen between the 8-16th week of pregnancy so the child would have no chance of survival. If there were no abortions the world would be severely over populated and many children would be abandoned, mistreated, malnourished etc.


To be honest, our species kills off itself... Have you ever heard of the Darwin Awards? And to be honest, there are some people who shouldnt procreate. There are home environments that are terrible. Even if given up for adoption, some kids will not accept that. Many babies arent adopted for personal preference reasons... many people want to adopt babies that are their own 'race'. I understand what your saying, but abortion should not be illegal.


Not possible. A fetus can not survive outside of the womb until at least after the 20th week.



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