Is there a debate over abortion in Japan?

Is there a debate over abortion in Japan?

Is there a debate over abortion in Japan?


The abortion issue is about the disparity between rich and poor women. When illegal the affluent simply have their doctors arrange their "miscarriage". When restricted rich women miraculously meet those requirements to have one. It's the poor that most suffer. The party of the rich (republican) could care less if R v. W is overturned. They'll have their doctors do it anyway like in the old days. They only use the abortion issue to stir our emotions in order sucker us for our vote


Japan is overpopulated and space is a privileged and highly sought after commodity...


Yes If the baby was from getting rape by US black military men


go ask them



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I agree, I think it sounds like a great idea also. I'm pro choice for the most part, but i think it's important for a woman to fully understand the choice she's making. Maybe this will help deter those that use abortions as a form of 'birth control.'

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Yeah, I know. I know 5 sisters who were all extremely heathy and fertile, who all enjoyed complications free pregnancies and bore healthy children, except one of them. She had an abortion when she was very young. She suffers from a debilitating illness and her second born child is blind...

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Their idea that "If we kill one person, we save all those little 'babies' that he would have killed" is a VERY sick justification for their sick actions. Remember... These are the people that say that ANY form of abortion is wrong... In South America, there are still anti-abortion laws that...