Is the parent notification law for abortion in georgia easy to get around?

Is the parent notification law for abortion in georgia easy to get around?

Is the parent notification law for abortion in georgia easy to get around?


Hopefully someone will break into your house soon, take a vacuum and rip your arms and legs from your body and smash in your skull. All you are is a coward. You are nothing special. You choose to have sex, now you choose to have your baby. What a great life goal you have planned for yourself: a baby killer. Does that make you proud to be you? I hope she doesn't want the abortion. You can't force her. And if you leave her, you will be doing her and your baby a whole world of good because she does not need a**holes like you. Thats all you are: an a**hole. Scum of the earth. Someone just killed an abortionist. Does that give you a big hint. Oh and someone else shot up an abortion clinic and killed everyone inside. Get a clue moron. Go ahead and try and kill your baby. After that, everything in your life will go down the tubes.


They don't need to say it's ok, they just need to be notified. You can go to a juvenile court and bypass that.


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