Is the average Conservative aware that Ayn Rand was an atheist and supported abortion?

Is the average Conservative aware that Ayn Rand was an atheist and supported abortion?

Is the average Conservative aware that Ayn Rand was an atheist and supported abortion?


Ayn Rand viewed the rich as victims of exploitation by everyone else. That means, she thought billionaires like Romney, The Waltons, the Koch brothers, etc. were actually victims of mistreatment by society. These are the same people who ship jobs overseas, buy out our government, pollute the Earth, and do everything they can to keep worker's wages down. All of them also own personal yachts 100+ feet long, private aircraft, and countless other possessions that they don't need. They made that money by literally killing people in the process (environmental pollution, the recent fire at a Wal Mart supplier's sweat shop overseas, etc.) Ayn Rand's views are so far out of touch with reality that they don't even care.... they just like that she viewed the rich as heroes.


Paul Ryan supposedly based his whole life on Ayn Rand - and when it was no longer politically expedient to support her - he kicked her a** to the curb. Anyone that's actually READ any one of her novels would KNOW that she was an atheist. Sheesh. Rand went on the tube years ago, and SAID that she supports women's rights to choose. How stupid can you get?


I know very little about Ayn Rand. I may be completely wrong here but my understanding is she came from the Soviet Union in the 1920's and the books she wrote were about not going down the same path the Soviet Union was going


I can't figure that one out either as Paul Ryan worships the ground she walks on. Of course Ayn Rand collected SS and Medicare when she contracted cancer like the good little "socialists" she always complained about. They are hypocrites - The Neo Cons are. And they hate that when you call them that


Of course we are, you don't have to support all of a person's beliefs to support some of them, but I don't think you understand that since as a collectivist, you are incapable of thinking for yourself. Read Ayn Rand's short Novel Anthem.


Ummmmmmmmm, Ayn Rand was NOT a Conservative. Hello? And she CERTAINLY was NOT a Christian. Hello? What's your point? ..


True and most of her heroines were ambitious women- a Conservatives worse nightmare.


Are they aware that she stole her philosophy from some other guy and at the end of her life she took Medicare?


Please. The average Conservative is barely aware of the proper way to hold a fork.



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