Is the abortion issue a current Republican talking point?

Is the abortion issue a current Republican talking point?

Is the abortion issue a current Republican talking point?


No, the big issue with Republicans is get the false members out of the party.


The Republicans pander to right wing conservatives who think the abortion issue is a big deal. The Republicans really think abortion is okay and legal but they want to massage the Right for money and votes.


Abortion is ALWAYS a Republican talking point.


Does this post have any logical point? _________ Hichef wrote: "Republican [sic] controlled house, senate, executive, and judicial branches...and still did NOTHING to overturn Roe v Wade. Open your eyes reps!" The only way anything could be done to overturn R v. W would be to file another suit. Then atleast 4 Justices would have to agree to grant certiorari (review the case), and then atleast 5 would have to reverse R v. W. In other words, it does NOT matter that the House, Senate, and White House, etc. were controlled by Republicans.


It's been a republican talking point for 25 years, ever since Reagan took office.




Yes. What's worse is people actually believe the republicans would do anything about it. They use it to win elections. They have just as much to lose if they make it illegal...what will they have to 'fight' against then?


Don't know about Republicans. But Abortion is a real money maker for Democrats. They receive millions every election from Abortion Groups. Abortion is a real money maker for many people.


No. If you are a girl it would be better for you to conduct your sexual relations in a way that does not end with abortion. If you are a guy it would be better to realize that when you have sex you are potentially making a baby and respect the girl enough and to be responsible enough to support her and your child. To live any other way is to disrespect life.



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