Is the abortion debate even a religious issue?

Is the abortion debate even a religious issue?

Is the abortion debate even a religious issue?


It is a "religious issue" because theists take the life of the child to be sacrid and not within our choice to end. Killing an innocent person for ones own reasons is the basic definition of murder. >Can one be against abortion & not be religious? < Yes, I've known some non-religious people who are against abortion. They might have come to that conclusion for other reasons.


Of course you can be against abortion and not be religious. Atheism means lack of belief in a God, it says nothing about anyone's opinion or stance on other issues. There are atheists who oppose abortion, there are actually many Christians who do not. Many people do use religion as the basis of their opposition, but it is not necessay.


I think it would make more sense for atheists to be against abortion than theists. If atheists just believe that the only life is this life in the material sense, then they would be more zealous in every attempt to preserve their lives and the life of others in this world. Most Religionists believe in the after life. Therefore, if the baby gets aborted, the baby is not lost forever but it is in the presence of God. The debate should focus on whether a woman who has aborted a child can live her life normally. I personally think that abortion would be devastating psychologically and emotionally for any woman and mother. We cannot live our life to the fullest when we know that we are responsible for the death of another. I don't this is a religious issue. I think it is a humanity issue.


It is for me because I see the church getting played on it. Please try to understand, our message is supposed to be the Gospel, and our purpose is to preach it. God has let us know that the "world" will do things, destructive things. Our job may include helping these people pick up the pieces of their broken lives. So to me this abortion political movement is dangerous because it causes the church to be seen by the world as a political organization rather than a body of people associating themselves with Christ.


It's an ethical issue that has been hijacked by ignorant religious people. I'm not saying that the pro-life lobby are ignorant, but many who came to it from a religious angle don't understand embryology, or even bother to. You can't take people like that seriously. If you have taken the time to look at embryology and still find yourself pro-life, then fair enough, but the bible doesn't really offer any wisdom on this.


It is not a debate it has been settled. Abortion is legal in most countries but it is not compulsory. If you don't want one, don't have one but anyone who wants one can get it. There are many people who do not agree with abortion, both religious and non-religious, but it is the religious that picket and blow up abortion clinics.


Well, anyone childish enough to think in dichotomies of pro life vs pro choice, is probability also likely to think in dichotomies of religious or non religious, then tie the two together.


Of course someone can be against abortion, religion doesn t make them the only ones to think in a certain way


I value the sanctity of life and murder violates God's law! I don't believe anyone of us has a right to play God!



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