Is spaying a pregnant cat abortion?

Is spaying a pregnant cat abortion?

Is spaying a pregnant cat abortion?


This Site Might Help You. RE: Is spaying a pregnant cat abortion? I've always had my animals fixed asap when I get them. But, I've seen people say on this board that spaying a pregnant cat stops the pregnancy? How could someone do such a thing!? That's abortion, and it's just as bad as taking human lives.


Yes, it is. I recommend spaying a cat BEFORE they get pregnant, even if they are already in heat. But I don't recommend aborting fetuses, it's too late then, and you're responsibe for finding those cats homes and stopping all the unwanted kittens by spaying the poor cat in the future. I could see why someone may recommend it, since those kittens are likely going to be pts later anyway since there are way too many, and having kittens shortens the lifespan of a cat. The key is to get all these uncaring, irresponsible people to fix their cat before this becomes an issue. Animals aren't toys.


Spaying a pregnant cat is abortion, yes - spaying means that they remove the reproductive organs, so if the cat is pregnant already, the unborn kittens would be removed as well. Generally this is why one should get the cat or dog spayed as early as possible, BEFORE they have a chance to get pregnant, or have their first heat.


yes, spaying a pregnant cat or animal is abortion. you can wait until the cat has the kittens and then have her spayed, preferably after she stops feeding them, but it can be done right away. it's better than what some people do, which is wait until they are over 8 weeks and drop them off in a neighborhood away from their or by a creek side, where they will most likely get hit by cars or eaten by racoons. they don't even get them fixed or get them immunizations and let them run wild and procreate more feral cats. or drown them. think of it this way: spaying a mother cat costs taxpayers about $50-100. euthanizing 5-8 kittens costs $500 or more per kitten.


It's abortion yes.. But do you even consider the fact that there is already TOO many cats out there? By bringing in more cats just because you don't like the idea of abortion means you care more about your morals more than you do about the animals. Bringing said kittens into the world could cause them to never find homes, or take homes from the cats who are already in shelters looking for homes and are often killed because no one wants them. Stop being selfish and think about the cats that are already in this world without homes. In order to give all the cats in the USA homes, every man, woman, and child would have to adopt 15 cats... Think about it.


The shelter I volunteer at recently had to fix a dog because she was pregnate. The shelter is a kill shelter, and unless she had an "abortion", then her puppies would most likely be put down from the lack of room. It was the owners fault, if EVERYONE was to spay/nueter their pet before, there would be NO reason to do "abortions" on pets.


Yes, it is abortion. Abortion, as defined by Mirriam-Webster is: "a medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus" A lot of people on here are stressing that "there are too many cats in the world already, so it's cruel to bring another one into the world when it cannot be properly cared for" Isn't this the same with human abortions? Isn't it also cruel to bring a child into horrible, difficult life circumstances? There are many, many, many more humans in the world than there are house-cats.


Yes, it is abortion, and yes it sucks to terminate any pregnancy. But you're being overly emotional and not considering the situation realistically - the cat was going to be spayed anyway, she was never going to have kittens, so those cats were never going to be born to begin with. There are already WAY too many cats in the world, so there's a great chance that those kittens would be put down sooner or later due to overpopulation, and even if they get adopted into a house that keeps them until the day they die naturally, they took that "slot" away from an older cat that will be put down instead. There's a finite number of people willing to have cats and each of them has a limit as to how many cats they can have, and that number is WAY less than the number of cats in the world. Thus, an obscene number of them get put down. Of course it's cruel to the individual cats, but there's simply no other solution. Someone who has their cat spayed BEFORE she has kittens is being more responsible than someone who waits until after, regardless of whether or not the cat is pregnant. And "pregnant" does not automatically equal "five healthy kittens" - a huge number of pregnancies for EVERY SPECIES end in complications that result in dead kittens and sometimes dead mothers. Pregnancy is dangerous. Giving birth is dangerous. Who are you to demand that of anyone? Why are you so eager to risk the life of the cat for the POSSIBILITY of kittens, nevermind kittens that are just contriburing to an already overflowing system? Kittens are cute. Kittens are LOVELY. I adore them. I have one curled in my arm as I write this. But there are TOO MANY OF THEM and the only way humans have come up with to deal with this is to euthanize all the "extras." It's a horrible, horrible situation, but to pretend that it doesn't exist and act like YOUR cat having kittens is an exception and a miraculous event is just naive and harmful to cats in the long run. "Abort" means "stop." You abort a PREGNANCY, you do not abort a KITTEN. You stop the process before there is a kitten - until the kitten is born, capable of living outside the mother, it is not a kitten. It is a collection of cells with the possibility to become a kitten. And in the vast majority of these cases, people are spaying very early on in the pregnancy - it's not as though they're taking their two-months-pregnant sagging-at-the-belly any-day-now cat in suddenly because they decided they don't want kittens. They're not murdering innocent babies, they're being responsible and sparing their cat the pain and dangers of pregnancy in addition to not contributing to overpopulation.


I've seen people say on this board that spaying a pregnant cat stops the pregnancy? Genius on line, I repeat, Genius on line. How could someone do such a thing!? EASY


Grow up!! Humans are NOT the same as animals!! They cannot MAKE a CHOICE to get pregnant. They are ruled by instinct and biology!!! A female cat left unspayed can get pregnant two or more times EACH YEAR!!! Not only does that make a TON of kittens, it shortends her life as well. Being a kitten machine is not healthy for her. She will live a shortened life span and have less quality of life. Why should that have to happen? I work at a shelter and we see DAILY the number of cats that do not have homes, and many that do live in crappy conditions with clueless people. If we get a pregnant cat gets SPAYED!!!! No questions asked!!! If that wasn't done, there would be MILLIONS more kittens born into a world where there are not enough homes as it is. Yeah...let them be born so they can be euthanized a few months later. Makes real sense doesn't it!!!!!!!!! And if people like the one ABOVE me were not so clueless, there wouldn't be so many "accidents" that make MORE animals!!! Any idiot knows that you cannot leave an in-heat dog alone for a SECOND! It is people like that that add to the overpopulation problem! Then, people at the shelters have to go behind and clean up the mess!!! People need to wake up and see...THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOMES FOR ALL THE DOGS AND CATS THAT ARE BORN!! End of story!!!!!! I find it SOOO interesting that religous people....who belong to a religion that says animals don't have souls...try and use religious reasons to not spay a pregnant cat!!!!!! Religion can be pretty darn convienent!!!!!!! And YES!!! we spay them unless they are in active labor!!!! RIght up until the last day!!!!!!!! I would rather that than have to put the needle into an 8 week old kitten.



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