Is Jane Roe from Roe v. Wade against or for abortion?

Is Jane Roe from Roe v. Wade against or for abortion?

Is Jane Roe from Roe v. Wade against or for abortion?


She's also a Lesbian and part of the Catholic Church. Honestly, to me it seems like a case where the Catholic Church thought they were going to get them a good weapon. "Oh look everyone! We have the famous woman who fought to make abortion legal! But now she hates it, despite the fact that she never even got an abortion, and thinks that what she did was horrible! You should all listen to her, because after all she knows better than all of you seeing as she made abortion legal!" Though really, I don't care. I'm grateful that abortion is legal now, even if it may be nearly impossible to access. It's sad that it was ever illegal. And at the end of the day, one person's opinion on it when they never even received an abortion doesn't really matter. There are still many people who will need an abortion in their life time. Whose lives and welfare will be saved because they can legally access the medical procedure at the end of the day. They shouldn't loose that just because one person has decided that they do not want and do not like that particular medical procedure.


adoption is not without hardship for mother and child too. This video talks about what it is like to be adopted and the problems they face


Abortion is sick and if you have it, then I don't like you. End of story.



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Absolutely not. I had to get an abortion for the same reason. Right now I'm 7 months pregnant with a girl. Don't lose the hope. Focus on getting healthy, lose the stress. And have fun making a baby. Good luck.

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There is no free medical care. The only exception is Planned Parenthood where you may give a donation for their services.

I don't believe anyone is entitled to have any opinion about abortion, unless they've actually experienced the consideration of it. Those who say: "Abortion is wrong, it's killing a life!" is totally naive. Those people obviously have never been in a situation where abortion i necessary, so...

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I agree, I think it sounds like a great idea also. I'm pro choice for the most part, but i think it's important for a woman to fully understand the choice she's making. Maybe this will help deter those that use abortions as a form of 'birth control.'