Is it true that Obama Care wants to force Catholic Charity Hospitals to do abortions?

Is it true that Obama Care wants to force Catholic Charity Hospitals to do abortions?

Is it true that Obama Care wants to force Catholic Charity Hospitals to do abortions?


Yes, it's true. The charity, is one that has helped women and children, who are victims of human trafficking. The Catholic Charity has been helping these victims for years , offer assistance with citizenship, counseling, housing, employment, education, and health care. Yet because they won't refer women for abortion services the Obama administration refused them the grant money, and gave to a smaller, less skilled charity. Many women will not get the help they need now, because of this change. Not all women and children who are enslaved in human trafficking are pregnant, so making it ALL ABOUT abortion is illogical and myopic. These people need help, and Obama would rather see less help given all around in order to promote his abortion agenda. As for the Catholic hospitals, this also is true. As employers, Catholic hospitals and universities are being told they'll have to provide health care that includes coverage for birth control. Something the Catholic Church has understood to be a grave sin for 2000 years. Again, the Obama administration is focused on a small area, and willing to allow the great good that is done to be threatened for this issue alone. It is nothing short of an all out attack leveled at the Catholic Church. This is a intrusion on our religious freedoms, which is protected by our constitution. Access to birth control and abortions is not a protected right.


<> ONLY the STUPID believe this. I say "STUPID" because it takes a STUPID American to NOT know that such a thing is a CONSTITUTIONAL IMPOSSIBILITY! <> BULLSHIT - BULLSHIT - BULLSHIT - BULLSHIT! First of all, Catholic hospitals are NOT charities. Catholic hospitals are considered extensions of the Church itself. Therefore, Catholic hospitals are protected under the First Amendment from ANY government interference whatsoever. <> AGAIN - the First Amendment makes that IMPOSSIBLE! <> AGAIN - Catholic hospitals are NOT charities. Catholic hospitals are considered the Catholic Church.


Yep, if the BS continues - the Catholic Church will shutter about 600 hospitals around the US. Guess what that does for the availability and qulaity of medical care? It won't happen though. Enough people are outraged. Also Obama will be beaten severely in the election.


Yes it's true. apparently some liberals don't even know what the hell is going on if they say it's just right wing propaganda


I'd choose the Mormon over the one who says he didn't hear the cursing of the US by his pastor in his CHURCH for 20 years and married someone who was never proud of her country.... And thinks there's 57 states.



Not true at all. That is at best, just some right wing propaganda.



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