Is it true that Obama was in support of post birth abortion?

Is it true that Obama was in support of post birth abortion?

Is it true that Obama was in support of post birth abortion?


Yes, he was the only person in his state legislature to stand up and make an impassioned speech to take the babies out if they get around the abortion doctor. Now remember, he was known for not taking a side and voting present. This has to be a issue that is near and dear to his heart. He just selected and ran thru the approval process a HHS secretary that is an ardent supporter of late term abortions and is good friends with a doctor that will kill babies right up until birth. I've left the Catholic religion because of this issue - Notre Dame and just general Catholic support of liberal candidates and socialist tendencies.


I am not sure what you mean about Post but he does support partial birth abortion and has stated, if any liberal retards would like to google it, that he feels that laws to require doctors to provide aid to a baby that is born out of a botched abortion is "essentially undermining what the woman chose in the first place." In other words, no point in trying to save the baby because the whole intent was to kill it, just because it happened to arrive alive, the intent was Killing. That is what he said and means. LOOK IT UP LIBERALS. it is on line if you only look, also, he said that he "would not want his daughters PUNISHED by a baby if they were young." Nice guy. Children are punishments now. what ever


Yes he is he said in an interview that if a mother does not want a child she should leave it by the side of a road or river I don't remember the exact word now but if you look it up you will be able to find it I'm sure


Yes - he voted against the various "born alive" bills several times. Obama advocates that a baby born alive during a late term abortion can have care withheld (ie: thrown in the trash can).


I support post birth abortion up till the ~200th trimester


It is true that Obama defended abortion doctors (and won.) These doctors were performing a third trimester abortion, but the BABY survived, so they threw it crying, in the medical waste barrel.


He is in favor of partial birth abortion and so is Gov. Sebelius.


Partial birth abortion.


yes he voted repeatedly to not require doctors who delivered live Babbie's in failed abortion attempts to save the life of the child


so the nurse that worked in the hospital that witnessed this several times and went to court to testify is all made up?



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