Is it true that Barack Obama supports Live Birth Abortion?

Is it true that Barack Obama supports Live Birth Abortion?

Is it true that Barack Obama supports Live Birth Abortion?


barack obama supports the right for a woman to choose, he has said he is against it but is pro-choice, he supports the states in choosing whether to ban partial birth abortion or not....although i am pro life i have learned that no matter what we have in office, someone will always try to keep abortion legal. President Bush, a pro-life President signed the partial birth abortion ban and it was in effect but it got banned even still. Maybe one day everyone will wake up to this unfortunate situation. Me, personally I won't stop fighting. That was a sensitive issue for him but it got him alot of votes even from some conservatives.


No, he just supports abortion in such case when it threatens the life of a mother regardless of whether the abortion is late term. He wasn't willing to vote for any partial birth abortion ban (which is not a liver birth abortion) that doesn't exclude situations where the mother's life is in danger. In Republicans were serious about banning such practices, they could have easily included such an exceptions. The truth is that Republicans don't want abortion banned any more then liberals, they just know it is a hot button issue that can get them elected in certain regions. If you believe otherwise, then ask yourself why abortion is perfectly legal and accepted (as I believe it should be) even after six years with Republicans in control of all three branches of government.


don't believe everything you read on the internet. Labor and Delivery abortions are ONLY done if the fetus is fatally ill. the doctor usually euthanizes the fetus, unless the parents want the fetus to be able to die peacefully in their arms.


Yes, Google his Illinois voting record on this. He is a vile man. Here is a start for you below but please don't stop there. It will go much further, infanticide for the unwanted, killing the elderly and handicap etc. Then Martial Law into a police state and state sanctioned "elimination of those who will not follow". The death camps in America are already built. Don't take the mark my dear, It will get much worse. Remember, If Barry's' lips are moving, he is lying.


For everybody saying "No", i strongly suggest sharpening up your studies. YES, he DID vote for a Bill to be passed in which babies that survive a failed abortion attempted may be killed. "Humanely" of course, as if the poor thing was nothing more than an injured animal being put down. Look up the Bill, and check the signatures. This is your President, guys. Nice work :)


no he does not. only because they claim there is no such thing. Obama does support partial birth and late term abortions. He is also on record in the Illinois Senate as being a supporter of a law that allows for denial of medical care and feeding for infants born as a result of a botched late term abortion. In other words, he supported a law that allowed the mother and the medical practitioners to kill the infant because no care and no feeding is certain death to a baby born in that condition.


would you rather an embryo be taken out of a young girl by a phony doctor or a clean licensed one? If you were sexually abused by men as a child and then raped by one or more men that you didn't know later and you were engaged would you want to sacrifice your womb to a little stranger thinking about the rape everyday for 9 months and on?? Or if your father, grandfather, uncle or brother made you pregnant would you want to keep it ? You are a woman aren't you? And children are NoT all guaranteed a good life after birth.


Yet another made up term by the anti-abortion crowd. Honestly, you folks should just write your own dictionary. Is this some new spin on another made up term "partial birth" hoodoo. Please. Obama doesn't support non-existent/imaginary medical procedures.


There's no such thing as live birth abortion.



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