Is it true President Obama supports late term abortions?

Is it true President Obama supports late term abortions?

Is it true President Obama supports late term abortions?


He opposes efforts to stop late term abortions...that is the same as supporting them. The Liberals just sued Arizona for limiting abortions after 5.5 months. As though 5.5 months isn't enough time to figure out it you want an abortion


He also supports--born alive (abortions that produce a live child) to be left to die without medical help. http://www.humanrightsforunbornchildren.... There are many such cases. NOW with his help and support the doctors are allowed to walk away from a living life


Obama is a late term abortion.


Yes and he was the only Senator in Illinois to vote for it.


He was FOR late term abortions,until he was told that stance might be politically incorrect,then he WASN'T for them...,


God - I hope so. You know what? Abortions are NONE of your goddamned business.... they're the business of the person who is pregnant. Nobody else. But the right wingers can't leave it alone - it's their HOT BUTTON item.


Meanwhile, his record says otherwise....Obama has no problem with late term murder.


Poor misguided republicans.


Well he'll support what his masters tell him to support.



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