Is it safe to have an abortion at 5 weeks?

Is it safe to have an abortion at 5 weeks?

Is it safe to have an abortion at 5 weeks?


A first trimester abortion is safe. There are risks involved, just like any other medical procedure, but the chances of complications during a first trimester abortion are rare. As long as you are having the procedure done in a sterile clinic by a qualified physician, you will be fine. Pain can be remedied by either painkillers if you are getting the medical or by anesthesia or sedation if you are getting the surgical.


No abortion is guaranteed safe, or clause free in any way shape or form. You can have one at 5 weeks. It's best to do it as early as possible tho. The longer you wait, the more dangerous and harder it is to do. What they do is give you a local anesthetic (you're awake the whole time, and know everything that goes on.) Then they will freeze the baby/fetus/embryo and give you a DNC to clean out your uterus. You're going to be sore for quite some time. It's best to have a friend with you for support. You're at 5 weeks so if you go in now they can give you the chemical pill which is easier to handle (body wise) Also do all available research you possibly can not just on abortion but any other options you feel you might be open to. So that way you know whatever decision you made is one you can handle for the rest of your life. Call your local clinic and you can setup a brief appointment to talk with them about what all you might have on your mind decision/procedure wise.


Yes, you'll more likely than not get the abortion pill. Meaning it wont be a surgical abortion. The pill is a lot easier than a surgical abortion, so it'll go a lot smoother for you. It will be painful, so be prepared for that. Good luck and I hope this is really what you want.


At 5 weeks you could use the RU486 pill . It is safe and effective and cost a lot less. You take one pill in the office in front of the Doctor and then takes a few more over the next few days.


there is no time in a baby's life to think he or she is suitable for an abortion. The baby is 6 weeks old? You old? are you suitable to be a murderer? no? then, do not do it. Because your baby is growing, and he is happier than you now. THIS is the moment to BEGIN loving him. He will remember your love by the time he is out of your body. He will be the only one who really loves you. Forget about how 'old' he or she is now. Do not think you can think for himself. Watch this video, it shows you what an abortion is. Watch it till the end without the palms of your hands sweating, or you heart speeding, or feeling scared. Just by watching. Sounds like a baby reaction to an abortion? He IS a baby. And more than he is your baby, YOU are his mother. NOW.


Abortion - Many young women decide to have an abortion because they believe it will be a quick resolution to a difficult situation. In a survey taken of women who have had abortions, 63% of them felt “forced” by other people into the abortion, and 74% of the women surveyed said they would not have the abortion again. Here is a story of a young woman who was pressured into having an abortion by her boyfriend. Are you experiencing this kind of pressure in your life? You have the power and the courage to understand the consequences of your own actions. Explore your options. Then decide what the healthiest option is for you. "Look inside REAL Choices" by Frederica Mathewes-Green, 1997 Just the Facts on the changes developing in your body are worth investigating. What types of abortion procedures are there? There are two methods of abortion: Surgical abortion is the most common type of procedure. This is an invasive medical procedure that is done in a hospital or abortion facility. There are different methods of abortion that are performed throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. It is important that you know the exact method involved in the abortion and the possible risks and complications that can occur. To be informed read the information under “Surgical Abortion”. Chemical abortion, also known as RU-486, is a combination of pharmaceutical drugs that can be taken orally or by injection to cause an abortion. The process requires multiple doctor visits and induces severe cramping and bleeding which women experience on average 7-30 days. There is the possibility of adverse side effects and/or other complications. See Emergency Contraceptive Pills for more information. Are there complications? There are risks involved, and it is important that you understand how the complications and side effects can impact you. There are many possible physical complications which may include: infection, damage to the uterus, infertility, increased risk of future miscarriages, premature births, and an increased risk of breast cancer. "Incomplete abortions occur too. Read Gianna Jessen's life story, who is the survivor of an incomplete abortion." Psychological complications are often experienced by women who choose abortion. After an abortion, both women and men can experience: depression, low self-esteem, crying episodes, nightmares, anxiety attacks and difficulty in personal relationships. For information about how abortion might affect your future click on “Psychological complications”. Are there long-term effects from an abortion? The after effects of abortion can be painful. It is normal for women and men to grieve after a pregnancy loss by miscarriage or abortion. Hope after abortion will help you understand the healing process and receive assistance for you or someone else dealing with a prior abortion experience.


yes, its safe, the earlier the better


no its not to late no its not painful you can be put to sleep for the procedure.


Dont do it u will regret it like i did even after i did i almost took my own life



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