Is it possible to consider the homicide of George "The Killer" Tiller a late term abortion?

Is it possible to consider the homicide of George "The Killer" Tiller a late term abortion?

Is it possible to consider the homicide of George "The Killer" Tiller a late term abortion?


Yes, I like the idea of late term abortion. We pro-lifers are allow to make up definitions to suit us. Since we have the pro-death as our example. Pro-Choice my Katusha, pro-death is what they are. But then I have never been know as pro-politically-correct. I do not advocate violence but violence is all around us. Look at the rabid attack on Miss CA, where are her rights to free speech? Seems the left beliefs on free speech as long as it goes along with their agenda.


Quite possibly. I am just shocked that Tiller attended church. He's lucky that God never struck him down as he stepped foot into a place of worship. I don't approve of murder, but that man was an evil, disgusting person.


He is killed by the baby's father.


Our Lord's judgment will be swift and just for what he has done


No. You ask a very sick question.


Karma is a b*tch ain't it. lol


So the Republican party is pro-murder now?



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