Is it normal to be depressed after abortion?

Is it normal to be depressed after abortion?

Is it normal to be depressed after abortion?


I've never had an abortion but I naturally I would think yes you would go through a bought of depression for a while. I've even heard that women (or girls) often get very depressed when it gets close to the time that they would have had the baby if they kept it. Personally I am a "pro-life" person but I'm sorry to hear you had to go through this and I can imagine it would be quite stressful especially at your age. I'm 24 and married and even I was a bit scared when I found out I was pregnant. Maybe you should find someone you can talk to about it.


the best way to get over it is to make sure it never happens again. that being said i think its completely normal for you to be depressed abortion is not something you believe in and something that you dont really feel like you had a choice in. if your still having sex i suggest you get on birth control. i think that you should understand that even if there were other options thatyou could have taken those would have been just as hard or harder. forgive yourself. you made a mistake learn from it and dont repeat it. dont be that girl thats nineteen and has had five abortions.


It is normal, because you knew what you did was wrong. You are grieving the loss of a child you will never hold. The heart started beating at 18 days. You stopped it at day 21. Go get some counseling. You'll have to learn to live with yourself.


I had to do it at 15 and I am almost 20 now, but I still get sad when I think about it and more sad when I talk about it. It is very depressing especially so young.


Its completely normal. I had an abortion too, and its something that is very hard to deal with. Its not something you just get over. You have to learn to come to terms with your loss, and accept it. I plan on planting a tree for the child I loss. I also go to online forums and talk with other women who've had abortions before. It helps a lot to talk to someone who's been through the same thing Feel better soon *hugs*


I am 14 years old too. I am a (proud) vigin. I am 100% against abortion. But from all of the media, I expect it wouldn't be uncommon to be depressed about abortion.


well i would just pray to god telling him my reasons on why i got the abortion. and that you would never do it again use protection


Don't ponder on it - if you kept it your life would have been ruined. You made the right decision - it is probably in your best interest to move on and to learn to not give a sh*t what other people think.


well i would be. You murdered that baby. it wasn't its falt you got pregnant. You already did it but next time dont get an abortion. adopt the baby out.



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