Is anyone against abortion when the health of the mother is at risk?

Is anyone against abortion when the health of the mother is at risk?

Is anyone against abortion when the health of the mother is at risk?


Actually yes, not me, but there is opposition to allowing abortion for the health of the mother, they claim that's just an 'open door' so the patient can get an abortion. At least once a case went to the Supreme Court about abortion being allowed when the life of the mother was in jeopardy, and then the court ruled that the state does not have to right to force a woman to risk her life to carry to term. Obviously the case went that far because the anti choice forces brought it there. Their attitude is that the fetus has a right to life that supersedes that of the mother. Literally from conception. That tack has little traction, since without a termination women with ectopic pregnancies run terribly high risks of dying. Not that they care.


It's not a false argument. It's not rare that a pregnancy risks a mother's life. Before a hundred years ago, something like 30% of all mothers died from childbirth. In reply to a previous poster: Abortion is legal in ALL states, not just some, and it have never been illegal when the mother's health is at risk.


I am. You see, this is a play on words used to legitimize abortions through obfuscation. Abortion opponents have always agreed that abortions should be allowed if the mother's LIFE is at risk. Abortion supporters changed it to the mother's HEALTH. Well, what kind of health risk? How much of her health must be at risk? What if she would be depressed if she had a baby? Does that mean her mental health would be at risk? What if a pregnancy would leave stretch marks? Would that mean the health of her nice flat belly or skin is at risk? Health of the mother is too ambiguous. There are no instances where her health would be any more impacted having the birth than having the abortion. However, there are cases where a pregnancy, allowed to continue, would cost the life of the mother. That is an entirely different thing. *


i think no human being will object to abortion when the health of the mother is at risk.


I know that at least no rational people are,though I'm sure you can find some nut somewhere who is.But no one that needs to be taken seriously would oppose an Abortion if the mother's life is at risk. Now if we could Just find a way to stop the other 90% of Abortions,that are nothing more than Infanticide as a means of Birth Control. RWE


That is one of the reasons why abortion is legal in some states. When the health of the mother is at total risk, I don't believe its of anyone but her choice to choose whether to let her baby live or dies...since it is after her life that we are dealing with.


No one serious is against abortion when serious health threats exist for the mother- this is liberal propaganda


Opinions range from abortion is wrong 100% of the time to it's the woman's choice 100% of the time.


Some people are against abortion in all cases. They think it is subverting God's will. The baby is all that matters. The mother's health and situation is just her tough luck in some people's opinions. Or they claim the risk to the mother's health is all made up or overblown.



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