Is abortion wrong?!?!?

Is abortion wrong?!?!?

Is abortion wrong?!?!?


ABORTION In Catholic morality, abortion is either direct (induced) or indirect. Direct abortion is any destruction of the product of human conception, whether before or after implantation in the womb. A direct abortion is one that is intended either as an end in itself or as a means to an end. As a willful attack on unborn human life, no matter what the motive, direct abortion is always a grave objective evil. Indirect abortion is the foreseen but merely permitted evacuation of a fetus which cannot survive outside the womb. The evacuation is not the intended or directly willed result, but the side effect, of some legitimate procedure. As such it is morally allowable. The essential sinfulness of direct abortion consists in the homicidal intent to kill innocent life. This factor places the controverted question as to precisely when human life begins, outside the ambit of the moral issue- as it also makes the now commonly held Catholic position that human life begins at conception equally outside the heart of the church's teaching about the grave sinfulness of direct abortion. Abortion has been condemned by the Church since apostolic times. The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, composed before A.D. 100, told the faithful "You shall not procure abortion. You shall not destroy a newborn child" (II, 2). Direct abortion and infanticide were from the beginning placed on the same level of malice. Hundreds of ecclesiastical documents from the first century through to the present testify to the same moral doctrine, with such nuances as time, place, and circumstances indicated. The Second Vatican Council declared: "Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception," so that "abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes" (Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, IV, 51). Pope Paul VI confirmed this teaching in 1974. "Respect for human life,' he wrote, "is called for from the time that the process of generation begins. From the time that the ovum is fertilized, a life is begun which is neither that of the father nor of the mother. It is rather the life of a new human being with its own growth. It would never be made human if it were not human already." Consequently, "divine law and natural reason exclude all right to the direct killing of an innocent human being" (Declaration on Procured Abortion, III, 12).


Honestly i think it's wrong but i also think that it depends on the womans reason for getting the abortion in the first place for example if she had been raped and got pregnant than it would be ok to do so since it's not a baby yet, if she's poor and can't afford to take care of the child and couldn't afford to put the child up for adoption than that would also be exceptable, but if she's doing it because she wants to party and screw around but doesn't want to have kids than that is a horrible reason because that shows that she cares more about partying than being a responsible adult. So i think it's wrong but depends on reason.


As soon as the sperm hits the egg, a human being is alive inside of the mother. A heartbeat. Blood flowing. Isn't that enough to be developed and brought into the world? Even if you can't take care of the baby, hand he/she over to a hospital or clinic, no questions asked! It's wrong, because it is murder. An innocent child, regardless of it's stage of development, is being killed just for it's existance. How women could do that and live with themselves is beyond me... Coming from a woman who may never experience pregnancy, that disgusts me that people would abuse the gifts they were given. I hope this encourages you to research more. Thousands of babies worldwide are dying every year just from selfishness and irresponsibility. Another situation is rape. If a woman got pregnant from rape, I suggest keeping the baby, but that's up to her moral standpoint. That's what abortions were for anyway, not to walk into it like a damn McDonalds, order, and walk out like nothing happened! For real emergencies to keep a woman alive due to health issues or criminal situations (rape, abuse)! Just ugh... I pray for humanity. :/


It's F U C K I n G murder and america is to stupid and mean to allow it. It's not that they care about us, it's just that they want money. The more they let people be bad the more people will come here and the more money they get. People come to america to be bad and get away with it. They are so mean and rude They keep having sex all the time and that's it! They don't have abortion because they can't take care of the child. It's because they are child haters! Every one at my school said they hated kids. They should have been an abortion. The person who Invented it should have been an abortion.


Yes it is wrong you are killing a Human Life. A baby is a baby at conception it was your choice to have sex so you must deal with the consequences or atleast put it up for Adoption so it will have atleast a home that loves it. Its like Murder you killing someone. If God wanted you to have a baby he wanted you to have a baby maybe something good will come out of it.Maybe you killed one of the future Best President or the person to find a cure for Cancer. Don't Change Gods plans.


The child (zygote, fetus, blob of cells.... what have you) is innocent. Whether you believe it to be a human being or not, one can not deny it's innocence. It is the deliberate taking of innocent life. Now we humans take innocent life all the time, but for some reason, every human perceives human life to be of greater dignity and value than the life of the lower animals. It is human life. It is innocent. It is immoral to take it. period.


Now look at your answers and ask yourself how many add up to life and death? You have a lot of good answers. As for me I know I am of the opinion of most when I say LIFE, not death.


The legal right to an abortion is not about when life begins, but about a woman's right to privacy. Because her unborn child is unseen and unknown, within her body, she is legally allowed to dispose of it under her right to privacy. Does this make abortion morally right? No. Life begins at conception. A woman is pregnant with a person, not a collection of cells or a parasite. Science confirms what human beings have always known, that at conception a new, unique individual begins to grow. Here is a list of quotes from renowned scientists about when life begins: According to Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, a person is “a human being.” Attempts to render an entire class of human beings as “non-persons” based upon arbitrary qualities such as age and place of residence in order to discriminate against them is immoral and unjust. So what we end up with is a subjective use of abortion. If a child is wanted by his/her parents, then it is a "baby" a woman is pregnant with. She looks forward to giving birth to her child, and loves it even before she sees it. However, if a child is not wanted, and inconvenient for his/her parents, then it is rendered a non-person, a collection of cells that can be removed and disposed of like a cancer. It all hinges on the desire of the mother. Thousands of babies are killed daily, around the world, because they are unwanted. These same children, if born, would be protected and people would be outraged at any movement that sought to murder them solely on the premise that they are inconvenient human beings. Every person has a right to life. Other people do not get to decide who is a person and who is not. For instance the Supreme Court in 1857 ruled that Dred Scott, a black slave, was not a “person” with rights but the “property” of his master. Was the Court wrong then? Of course they were wrong. Person-hood is not something we are given by our government, it is who each of us is immediately when conceived. If a baby was a parasite, as some claim, by definition it would be a "different" organism. We can never qualify our own offspring as parasites. The only people who try to do so, are those seeking to get around the fact that an abortion kills a human being. A baby has it's own unique DNA at conception. DNA is considered the fingerprint of our individuality. The newly conceived person does not have the DNA of it's mother or father, but is defined as a totally separate individual. The fact that this individual needs it's mother to survive is the function of nature by design. We inately "love" our children as no other person on earth does, and most parents would readily die to protect their child. I find it interesting that women like Andrea Yates, or Susan Smith, are demonized by the public for killing their children. It's considered the most heinous of crimes for a mother to kill her own children, since she is the very person who is supposed to sacrifice herself in love, to care for and nurture them. But that same mother, can kill her unborn children legally and is even encouraged to do so in many cases. All life is sacred and precious. Each and every human being is purposeful. The "every child a wanted child" campaign, sought to make the case that unwanted children live in abusive homes, unloved and neglected. Of course the statiscs do not support this idea. There are many unplanned/unwanted children whose parents now love them and couldn't live without them. Additionally, since the legalization of abortion over 35 years ago, we are at a place where all children should be wanted...or close to it. Yet, statisics show that child abuse and neglect has gone up...not down. Most likely because abortion has caused society to see children as objects instead of persons. Abortion when legalized, was expected to be rare because of the legalization of contraception. However, that is not the case. Over 50% of women seeking abortions say they were using contraception at the time. But since we now live in a society where we have now ordred our lives on unlimited and/or causual sex, we expect to be able to prevent pregnancy always. When that doesn't work...abortion has become something we now "need." In summary, abortion is wrong. It is the willful killing of an innocent life. Since a human being is created at conception, that person has a right to life, no matter what the circumstances of the parents, or of his/her conception are.


Im not against abortions. I feel its that person choice and business but that don't mean be irresponsible and keep getting them. Now if your already 3 months pregnant u shouldn't get one the baby just about got all the limbs and at 4 months your literaly killing a baby.



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