Is abortion legal in the United States?

Is abortion legal in the United States?

Is abortion legal in the United States?


Yes it is legal to get an abortion in the United States.


Yes, murder is legal in the United States. One may argue: "It's the woman's body, she can do what she wants to it." Well using your own logic, the baby should have a say in this, because it's the baby's body your screwing up. Don't want a child? Wear a condom. Child not your choice? There's a thing called adoption. Giving birth might kill the mother? Get a C-Section. The only other reasons you might want to abort a baby that I didn't give a solution for are either non-existent or so obscure and rare that you'll probably never have to worry about them anyway. Yeah! Three thumbs down for having a different opinion!


I'm pretty sure it depends on the state, but I'm positive it's legal in at least some states.


Yes, up to a certain amount of weeks. Some states do it up to 24 weeks, pass that, and it's only done for medical reasons.




In general. There ARE restrictions that can be placed on it, but they have to be with in reason.


If you want one.


yes, as it should be.



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