Is abortion being used as birth control?

Is abortion being used as birth control?

Is abortion being used as birth control?


Other stats show half or more than half using birth control when they became pregnant: MYTH: Women are using abortion as a method of birth control. In fact, half of all women getting abortions report that contraception was used during the month they became pregnant.1 Some of these couples had used the method improperly- some had forgotten or neglected to use it on the particular occasion they conceived- and some had used a contraceptive that failed. No contraceptive method prevents pregnancy 100% of the time. If abortion were used as a primary method of birth control, a typical woman would have at least two or three pregnancies per year - 30 or more during her lifetime. In fact, most women who have abortions have had no previous abortions (52%) or only one previous abortion (26%).5 Considering that most women are fertile for over 30 years, and that birth control is not perfect, the likelihood of having one or two unintended pregnancies is very high.


The key words here are, ' survey of 104 women '. This is an important subject and you are gonna base your argument on 104 women? Get a bigger 'survey'. Small studies can always be skewed. Anything you do to 'control birth' and/or prevent it, is birth control. Yes, abortion is a form of birth control *but* for most women it's not their first method of defense against pregnancy. To imply otherwise is intellectually disingenuous. Don't focus on, '87 of the 104 women had used one or more types of "highly effective" contraception.' either, huh? A questions - *five stated there was a true contraception failure* Who decides exactly what a true contraception failure is? Typical Contraceptive Failure Rates * Implants and Injectables 2-4% * Oral contraceptives 9% * Diaphragm and cervical cap 13% * Male condom 15% * Periodic abstinence 22% * Withdrawal 26% * Spermicides 28% How and why birth control fails and who it fails the most. I think we all need to mind our own reproductive business. The only other thing we can do is support comprehensive sex ed in schools and at home, beyond that there's nothing we can do but mind our own business. ~Pro-Choice Momma- Have had an abortion and I have a 12 month old daughter . I believe in protecting my daughter's choice. Abortion: There is a Consensus


Another poster said that there are other statistics which indicate that half of all women who get abortions had used birth control when they got pregnant. The answer to this discrepancy between the studies is obvious: I'll remind you that in the 1800s, so-called reputable scholars measured the brains of Africans and "found" that whites had bigger brains, thus "proving" whites were smarter. This is what the human race does: it concocts its own evidence to support whatever it wants to believe. And "studies" are fairly easy to concoct, because you can always play fast and loose with definitions or add things like "We estimate the numbers are much higher because so-and-so is probably lying, blah blah blah......" Example: Current feminist propaganda likes to state that one in six women has been raped, solely because the studies which found that define "rape" to be any act of sex which takes place after the woman says no. In other words, they consider cases of seduction or the woman changing her mind to be rape. And then they have the nerve to say "This is only counting the women who actually come forward, so the numbers are much higher." BS! It's like the saying goes, 99% of statistics are made up. So it's really not studies that we should be focusing on. It should be common sense to any civilized person that it's absolutely nonsensical to argue it's okay for a person to create a life at will and then disregard any kind of responsibility to it and kill it. We, as a society, need to focus on getting people to use their common sense, rather than focusing on studies which are easy to manipulate.


Who cares. It is essentially birth control, they are controlling whether or not they give birth so... I highly doubt any women plan to use a dangerous medical procedure as their preferred method of birth control in other words to PREVENT pregnancy. With abortion it is no longer preventative, so you can throw the words birth control around all you want, it means nothing. Women do have the right to control their bodies and control if and when they give birth, that is the whole point of abortion being legal. If you have a problem with women forgetting pills or in the moment deciding to risk not using a condoms or risking pregnancy because they don't want to take dangerous birth control medication then too bad for you, and abortion is legal so deal with it. There is nothing to talk about. Humans don't always make the right decisions, they make mistakes and it just so happens that when women slip up or make bad choices it can result in them having something grow inside them for almost a year. There is nothing you can do to change these facts. You can't change human nature. That's also why you will never eradicate crime. It doesn't make women bad people. For every woman not using a condom there is a man not using one either so what exactly is the point ? Somehow that women are the irresponsible ones? lmao. Why are you suggesting that because someone is female they are almost required to be on medication that can kill them so they don't get pregnant, or they should have never have sex? Sex doesn't always result in pregnancy. And IF someone does get pregnant, regardless of whether or not it was PREVENTED, the option of an abortion exists so they can still control what their body does. What is hard to understand about all of the above? If you don't like it well neither do I but that is how life is. If you want to control women's bodies.. take their control away.. force them to be slaves to their bodies and to sex or have them all on medication from 12-60 or tell them when they may and may not have sex and what they can and can't risk then that to me is more disturbing than any abortion statistics. You can't call a whole gender irresponsible or read anything from the numbers. You'd need to look at the individual cases and judge them all seperately.


It seems like it, yes. I know of cases like this, none involving me thank you. I also remember reading that in Russia, abortion was the #1 form of birth control. This was at least 10 years ago mind you. You know what DOESN'T help the situation? Teaching contraception in schools. I don't think these kids today listen anyway. Not if they think they can just go get an abortion easily. It's the parents that need to talk to these kids, not the gym teacher.


Actually religion plays a huge part if you know any thing about the Catholic church. Abortion is being used as birth control but, they are not a very good birth control because you can become sterile if you do too many.


One would think women would rather invest in condoms and birth control instead of going through an abortion every time. Are they not making the men use condoms at all? If so a pregnancy is the least of their problems.


I doubt most of those women thought "if I get pregnant, I'll just get an abortion. Who needs birth control?" I assume that most were quite young, and were instead engaging in wishful thinking, and simply believed it wouldn't happen.


abortion is birth control, like morning after pills, condoms and anything else that prevents the birth of a can't have it both ways. Thats why religious people cannot use birth control.



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