Is a tree alive?or just living?and abortion?

Is a tree alive?or just living?and abortion?

Is a tree alive?or just living?and abortion?


In my opinion a tree is alive. To put it simpy it is alive because it can die. When you cut a tree down it's leaves will fall off and it will eventually decompose and become part of the earth again. While a rock for example can not die, or change unless altered by natural forces or human interaction. A tree is alive, plants are just less complex then mammals or other multicellular organisms that move or have " free will".


"I said a tree is not alive because in order to be alive you must have freewill" That's not the definition of alive or living to anyone other than you, you realize? Fetuses are aborted before they have the capacity for suffering or awareness. They are alive, but they are not persons.


All are sentient. A tree has no free will that we recognise or can therefore acknowledge a such. Animals have no free will for they live by full-on instinct (apart from dolphins) as far a we know and cannot think for only thought can oppose instinct. A foetus has no free will that she or he can use- it`s proven that the foetus can respond to all stimuli with normal human responss and is `imprinted` also by extreme impressios. I hope this is of positive help to you. lol


'Alive' and 'aware' can be two different things. (The first does not require the second.) Then there is the third: 'self aware' that is part of our definition of a human intelligence. IMHO the early fetus is the first but neither the second nor the third.


yes a tree is VERY alive because it gives us oxygen just like plants. and yes abortion is. just like a tree it has no free will and that is why this world is doing poorly. humans destroy but luckily some has sense and actually thik about what they do. some just don't care but what they don't understand is that this cn not and WILL not go on like this forever





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