In what states can a girl get an abortion without her parents consent? shes 17. Preferrably close to GA??

In what states can a girl get an abortion without her parents consent? shes 17. Preferrably close to GA??

In what states can a girl get an abortion without her parents consent? shes 17. Preferrably close to GA??


So I am going to explain everything to you, and if you have ANY questions, please ask!! I want you to update me =) Because I am going to try and giude you through all of this okay? Step 1..You need to take a pregnancy test, because you cannot worry about abortion until you are pregnant. So First you need a pregnancy test. STEP 2: Some states do not require parental consent, you may live in one of those states, and if you do all you need is to have some money and make an appt. Alaska California Connecticut Washington, D.C. Hawaii Illinois Maine Montana Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York Oregon Vermont Washington YOU CAN BYPASS PARNETAL CONSENT IN any state!! BASICALLY what you do is call an aboriton clinic that you want the abortion perfromed at, Okay? Then you tell them you are a minor and need a "JUSICIAL BYPASS" THE PROCESS IS FREE! The abortion clinic will help you through it! I hope i really helped.

slkusract has a lot of information about abortions. That-s where I went to find out all the info about it when I got one. It really helped me, and they also have links to ther websites that would help:) You can always bypass an abortion law by getting a judicial bypass, any clinic will help with that. You just have to prove to a judge that it's in your best interest or that you are mature enough to make your own decision. Good luck with everything:) Oh and mine only cost $300


California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. Those are states where you can get it and your parents never know. In other states, you can get it but your parents are notified (their consent isn't needed, though). And in other states, you need consent.


im pretty sure u dont have to have ur parents consent at 17 in Georgia. But abortions are not free they cost almost $700.00 so good luck with that =]


I am not sure what state you can. I googled Alabama to see if you can, but you can't there. If you look on Planned Parenthood, they will tell you in what states.


i know in new jersey you can i cant find a state near Georgia. you'll have to drive up to like jersey, ny or maryland


I really don't know fr sure. Just google it! I know New York and Cali are one of them but they are no where near GA!


the better question is: in what states should abortion be alowed? and to that I say: none. BABY KILLER...I hope that person has fun living with themselves the rest of their lives with the guilt god gave them from taking away a souls right to live.


i hate abortions!!1 and paris would no she had like 1000 abortions shes a stupid slut.



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