In the old days did women who gave them selves coat-hanger abortions often come though the experience unharmed?

In the old days did women who gave them selves coat-hanger abortions often come though the experience unharmed?

In the old days did women who gave them selves coat-hanger abortions often come though the experience unharmed?


The problem was infection and that's what killed a lot of's hard to do what should be a sterile procedure in the home and most of these women didn't understand that the coat hanger or whatever method they chose was covered with germs that when introduced into a warm environment like a uterus, would fester until it killed them. There were some herbal remedies that if taken early enough would abort a fertilized egg or even an embryo but there was always the danger of hemorrhage as well...I think many women just didn't have the medical knowledge to understand the risks they were taking... Yeah, some women did successfully abort and lived to tell the tale...some became infected and went to the hospital or doctor and were treated and lived...many times an experience of home abortion left the woman sterile...and some successfully self aborted the pregnancy and because of a little knowledge like sterilizing everything and by chance were lucky enough not to hemorrhage it worked... Women have been doing similar things since probably 16th century France people regularly used animal intestine as a condom...all this wasn't invented in the 20th century. I know an herbal concoction that might cause a very early pregnancy (before or around when the first period is missed) to abort, I have studied herbs and herbal remedies. I am also an RN with a Bachelors know how risky even the use of these herbal concoctions are! I DON'T recommend them...they are used in third world countries to this day.


Oh no. Especially with even less understanding of the human body and their own body. But when abortions are illegal people will always find a way to do it--even if it means putting their life at risk. They would often ruin their reproductive system or seriously seriously harm themselves.


I always heard about the bad ones but I guess some survived. The problem was it left a lot sterile.


Not sureeeeeeeee



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