I'm wondering about other stories of women who had abortions and then they had lives in which they got lessons

I'm wondering about other stories of women who had abortions and then they had lives in which they got lessons

I'm wondering about other stories of women who had abortions and then they had lives in which they got lessons


Im not a woman (If I am then I done went crazy a long time ago!) However I have been through 3 abortions. I lost a part of me each time and will never truly be over any of them. I regret what we did and it had affected both of us for a while now. First one she was 17 and her parents hated me so I let that control my opinion on it, and It was probably my fault for encouraging it to happen. I always say its the woman’s right to decide and I still agree. Then 4 months later again she was pregnant. So yep went again. This time it numbed me to the idea of anything being wrong. I felt nothing, and the thought stayed in my head. A year later again only this time it was really hard and before I could stop it my actions on the other 2 wouldn't allow for my advice, and I cried for the child. I hurt inside knowing there's a life lost in my bloodline. We have a 13 month old son and I will never support an abortion again. He is my life and all that matters. I grew up and never had to try being a father is the greatest feeling of all time, and Im a good father. If your interested in more details on my story I will have my wife write to you she's the who went through everything, and feels just like I do I think.. She got post pardon depression and is getting meds soon we never did anything about it at first and maybe the abortions had a part in that too?? Anyway good luck with your tasks! Peace out.


You said: "Might the Universe try to teach people who have abortions that only through struggle and understanding of the sanctity and beauty of life, can they again know parenthood." I have girlfriends who had abortions and it didn't bother them at the time they had the abortion, nor has it ever bothered them years later. And these same girlfriends have gone on and married and had healthy, beautiful children. And they are still pro-choice and would have another abortion if they got pregnant and decided they didn't want it. Maybe a person needs a conscience first before the "Universe" has the capability to "teach them anything about the sanctitiy and beauty of life." Lets face it there are a lot of women (and men) who don't have a conscience at all about a lot of things.


I have met many women who had abortions and there is one outstanding similarity. The more spiritually confused the more problems getting pregnant again other than that I have not noticed any other patterns. It is and always will be a matter of their thoughts and how they feel. A man who understands the nature of life can control all internal activities and so too can a woman. I realize how disturbing that may sound to some. I experience this reality, others theirs and it is theirs to experience so there is nothing wrong with it. :-) It is as simple or as complicated as you make it. :-)


You are stumbling yourself through judgmental viewpoints. Your argument does not consistently play out in every instance of people's lives, so your validity is gone. There is no pattern here except one that you are creating....and on top of that your statements are hurtful and unloving to many people. Might the Universe not hold a few lessons for you for the hurt your statements here have caused, and your grandiose attitude? You have shown a lack of sensitivity.


I'm going to go out on a limb, but I truly feel this way- I believe the mother and child learn something valuable from the experience, including the example you mentioned. I personally know women who have gone through this, but I don't have permission to talk about it. I will, however, star your question and read the others responses. I'd also be interested in reading your compilation and insights. -----edit I neither condone nor condemn abortion. I also believe the child chooses to be participate in the abortion for its own reasons. This is the limb I mentioned earlier. -----for those who gave me thumbs up before my edit: I hope you don't regret the affirmation in light of my edit since you can't take back the thumbs up.


A very close relative (immediate family) had an abortion when I was 15 years old. For her, it is the one great shadow over her life, that she cannot talk to anyone about and has kept secret. But it haunts her life. For me, I have always felt the vacancy in my life where this child should have been. He would be grown now- my brother. I am the only one who knows my mother did this. I still grieve for him.


Are you trying to suggest that God struck them down because of thier actions? What about all the infertile women that never did anything of the sort, what did they do to deserve it? How about infertile men? Is there any possibility the one who adopted at 49 wound up there because God was saving a special child just for her? Is there any possiblity the one who lost her child in the custody case was an unfit mother, and God denied her a child because of that? Edit: The only ones who could tell you if they think they got some form of cosmic justice handed to them, are the women themselves. We don't know them.


i know a woman who had two abortions. she is now a doctor and has three beautiful children. i know another woman who had three abortions(BC failed her three times, including an IUD) and she's an RN and works at an abortion clinic and she's got a great hubby. not all abortion stories end badly.


before you start to judge these women, you should really try to walk in their shoes a little bit. and I know of many women that have had abortions earlier in their lives and have gone on to lead very happy lives (and healthy children).



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