Im i too far along in my pregnancy for abortion?

Im i too far along in my pregnancy for abortion?

Im i too far along in my pregnancy for abortion?


This is a baby at 18 weeks: Do you really want to abort your baby?? Abortion is a serious thing that you will eventually regret and karma is a female dog ! You shouldn't be getting an abortion. That is a human being you are killing. What if your mom had aborted you?? Do the right thing ! There is government aid for struggling mothers, so do NOT let anyone tell you that you cannot raise your child and do not feel bad about giving him or her up for adoption. Or perhaps someone in your family (maybe an aunt or grandma) would take the child. At least you will not be a killer.... Just think, what would Jesus do....


Technically surgical medical wise you are not. Moral wise and what people believe is right .. you are. Consult your doctor, it will nnot be a matter of sucking the embryo out, your abortion will be different.


your baby will have a chance at surviving outside your womb in just 6 weeks, if you wanted an abortion you should have done it earlier on. you must have wanted the pregnancy for you to continue this far so why would you want one now? the baby is FULLY formed and is just maturing and growing until youre ready to give birth. Im 18 weeks too and it breaks my heart that you are considering doing this especially as you are so far along now, nearly half way! Dont do it, if anything and you dont want the baby just stick it out for another 5 months and give the baby up for adoption.


Yes you are if you have any sense of decency and the fetus is healthy- at 18 weeks you have a perfectly formed baby. Just because medically it may still be possible does not mean that this should actually be an option. So consider adoption instead if you don't want a baby. --edit-- just read your other questions where you seem happy to be pregnant. Any reason why you're now considering a termination when you weren't yesterday?!


After 16 weeks you were to far along unless you have a very good medical reason for it. But its not to late to start looking in to adoption if you can't keep this baby or want it. I'm going off of the rules from where I'm from it might be different else where and yes I once considered aborting my first child but kept him and now he is the love of my life. This is not an easy decision at all and I would think hard about this... just don't wait to long... honestly its a little sickening to me that your baby is this far along and your considering this but to each their own right?


no u can abort up to 5 months pregnant


No you're not,actually. Second trimester abortions are accessible. It's when you get past 22 weeks that it becomes harder to find an abortion clinic willing to touch you.


here is all the info you need on this site-> I would think long and hard about this, I am 39 weeks prego and I am still scared to death about becoming a mother but it wasn't the babies fault that she got conceived... and everything happens for a reason. hope all works out for you.


In the UK you can still legally get a termination up to 24 weeks. It is not a pleasant experience though, so think about it very carefully. If you are in the UK then talk to a Marie Stopes advisor as soon as possible. Ignore the judgemental idiots - only you know what is right for you.



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